“Cavedigger” Creates Breathtaking Beauty

image: racavedigger.com

68-year old Ra Paulette spends his days alone with his dog, deep inside a cave, carving the walls into abstract shapes. When he gets paid, he charges $12 an hour. He uses no power tools… only basic hand tools. And he says he is having “…the time of my life.” So… he’s crazy, right? In the words of the great Jimi Hendrix, “You have to go crazy and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.” Crazy or not, for 25 years, Paulette has made it his life’s mission to encourage “spiritual renewal and personal well being” through the transformation of solitary caves into temples of beauty and environmental consciousness. In the sandstone caves of the New Mexico desert, the self-taught sculptor and architect carves amazing, transcendent spaces, full of light and the celebration of life on earth. [Read more…]

Mushroom Growing at Home – Fungi Fun


I’m not going to lie. Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods, right up there with beef jerky and French’s onion dip. After all, stuffed mushroom caps can’t be beat for a quick, easy, and healthy snack. Then after I read that shitakes could fight against cancer, I decided to be more proactive in eating them in everything. The only trouble is that shitakes flatten out to nothingness when baked. Although they are not able to cure cancer, the UK Center for Cancer Research makes a salient point when they state that “button mushrooms…are very good for you as food because they contain all the essential amino acids and are an excellent source of vitamins.” So, they are still much better for us than a moderate amount of chips and dip or beef jerky. But the less said about health food, the better. [Read more…]

Lumber Liquidators Flooring Sparks Indoor Air Quality Concerns


I generally try to steer clear of drama. And as hard as it is for me to imagine, sometimes flooring can cause nothing less than heated fervor. Especially when the manufacturers of the flooring don’t appear to be laying all of their cards on the table. There comes a time in every responsible human being’s life when you just have to let the cat out of the bag, in spite of the impending wounds. Lumber Liquidators recently found itself under fire regarding some air quality questions related to their laminate flooring. Should you be concerned? [Read more…]

A Garden for the Birds

garden for birds

Lucky for us, we’ve been snuggly warm indoors this winter. Through our window though, we’ve watched little birds perched in our crab apple trees. They sit all fluffed up trying to keep warm and nourished in the freezing temps and endless wind chills. I’ve not been able to shake the concern I’ve felt for the poor critters. So, as we’re putting our gardening plans and goals into place for the year, we’ve decided to include planting a garden for birds. [Read more…]

Five Useful and Inexpensive Kitchen Gizmos You Shouldn’t Be Without


With the onset of good weather, the number of get-togethers and cookouts tends to multiply. At such times, savvy cooks want may consider adding some useful gizmos to their kitchens, like the ones that are listed below, in order to help improve their culinary repertoires. These items also make good gifts for birthdays and the inevitable summer weddings if a gift certificate to the nearest liquor store won’t quite cut it. [Read more…]

Happiness Is A Warm Mudroom


About ten years ago I bought a house that had a dedicated mudroom, and now I’m hooked. After that I kept asking myself “how did I survive all these years without a mudroom?!?” If you have children then a mudroom is an absolute must. Every morning on my way to work I drive by a bus stop with about 50 kids standing around – and those kids are carrying huge, full backpacks. One morning I saw a little girl dragging a wheeled book bag behind her – the bag was literally bigger than she was! All of that stuff needs to go somewhere, and a mudroom is the perfect place. If you have a mudroom and/or children then you know what I’m talking about. [Read more…]

I Can See Clearly Now the Rails Are Gone – Install Your Own Cable Railing!


I moved to Atlanta about 5 years ago and one of the things I noticed about this city is that they seem to go through building style phases. I can almost tell just by looking at the outside of a house what decade it was built in. They’ve spent the last 1.5 decades building one craftsman style house after another. Hey builders, it’s getting a little boring, let’s change it up a little. What does that have to do with DIY cable railing you ask, I’m getting to that… [Read more…]

Bosch Wireless Charging Review – The Downtime Destroyer!


Throughout history, mankind’s inventions have often translated into better tools and work environments. First came the wheel, enabling us to have healthy, nutritious meals delivered to remote job sites via the roach coach. Then Al Gore invented the Internet, and now Marc can Tweet out pictures of pink cement trucks and drill-powered bicycles in real time. The R&D teams at the major toolmakers keep cranking out ideas to make their tools lighter, more convenient, and more powerful: Keyless chucks, Li-Ion batteries to replace NiCad, and brushless technology, for example. And, as they used to say on Monty Python, now for something completely different. The engineers at Bosch have been busy, and they recently sent us an example of their latest breakthrough: The Bosch Wireless Charging system. [Read more…]

Lenox Hacks Blade Design with “Power Arc Technology”


I recently had the opportunity to try out some of Lenox’s new titanium-treated, “Power Arc” bi-metal reciprocating saw blades in the metal shop. These blades, part of the Lenox “Gold” line, feature a curved blade, which Lenox claims “allow the blade to cut aggressively and more efficiently versus a straight blade.” I used them to cut some mild steel, copper pipe, polycarbonate and other materials, just to put them through their paces. So, is the Power Arc merely marketing gimmickry, or is Lenox on the cutting edge of new blade technology? [Read more…]

Fix A Leaking Bathroom Faucet – Quit Going To Bed With That Drip!

leaking bathroom faucet

A dripping faucet is one of those chores that tend to get pushed to the bottom of the “honey-do” list. It’s not dangerous, like a sparking electrical outlet. It’s not super-annoying, like a Justin Bieber song, or a smoke detector that wants new batteries, and reminds you by chirping loudly every 30 seconds, ALL NIGHT LONG. It might seem a little intimidating, because you have to move the 247 containers of shampoo and conditioner and toilet cleaner and sponges and razor blades and feminine hygiene products from under the sink, so you can shut the water off. You then have to figure out how to take the faucet apart, and then actually go find the right parts and put the stupid thing back together. All this can lead to a decision to just let the leaking bathroom faucet keep on leaking. Deep in your environmentally responsible heart, though, you know that’s the wrong decision, and it’s really a pretty simple fix. Take heart, and follow our simple guide to fix YOUR leaking bathroom faucet. [Read more…]