DEWALT DW735X Portable Planer Review – Bad News For Snipe Hunters

dewalt dw735x

As I have admitted previously, my woodworking skills fall somewhere between nonexistent and marginal. I really enjoy working with wood, though (even if the feeling isn’t mutual), and someday I WILL make something every bit as good as the stuff on YouTube! Meanwhile, I use my woodworking tools on my projects when I get the opportunity. My use of my old Delta planer on a recent project resulted in its demise (more on that shortly); fortuitously, DEWALT recently provided us with one of their DEWALT DW735X Portable Planers to evaluate. [Read more…]

Garden Update – More Info on Earlier Topics


Those of you who regularly read my gardening articles will know that I have a number of ongoing projects but not all of them bear fruit in time to be discussed in the same article. Therefore, I decided to add a ending of sorts to some of the to-be-continued topics that I have discussed earlier. [Read more…]

What You Need to Know BEFORE You Epoxy Your Garage Floor


Peeling? Flaking? No, I’m not writing about sunburn: I’m writing about a beautiful brand-new garage coating system meeting the family truckster’s sticky tires. Many DIY’ers have attempted this “easy” upgrade to their garage floors. It looks nice on day one, but it’s not long before the peeling starts. “I did exactly what the directions told me to do!” So, what went wrong? If you’re thinking about doing an epoxy flooring project, you’ll want to read on whether it’s a DIY job or something you’re hiring a pro to do. [Read more…]

Bosch DDB181 18v Compact Drill Driver Review – I Call My New Drill “Hieronymus”


Recently, I’ve had Bosch on the brain. Last week, while suffering through some sleepless nights due to a painful inner-ear infection, I sat up binge-watching a new detective series called “Bosch.” Flipping channels, the title caught my eye solely because of my love of Bosch power tools, but the story of Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch and his dogged hunt for a serial killer turned out to be pretty engaging too. Bosch is a no-nonsense cop who never compromises his values and always gets the job done. Yup, just like a Bosch power tool! Maybe just like the Bosch DDB181 18v Compact Drill Driver Bosch (the tool company, not the detective) sent us to review. [Read more…]

Clapboard Siding Repair 101 – How to Replace That Rotted Siding With Some Good Wood!

clapboard siding repair

We’ve always loved older houses. They have personality and character that is often hard to find in new construction. A side benefit of that character is that you get many, many opportunities to hone your DIY skills. Our house has character up the wazoo, and I recently got a chance to rectify some more of it. We have wood drop siding, and thanks to Mother Nature working her magic, one piece had a good bit of rot. Woohoo – time to dig out a few tools and perform some emergency clapboard siding repair! [Read more…]

Kobalt 80v Cordless Chainsaw Review – Goodbye Volatile Liquids and Hello Lithium


Last month, I tried out two of the new line of Kobalt 80 volt MAX cordless lawn tools, the mower and string trimmer. I gave them a serious workout – to coin an old (and politically incorrect) phrase, I “beat them like a rented mule,” and they stood up to all of the abuse that I dished out. This month, I’m taking the 80 volt MAX 18” cordless chainsaw out for a day of work around the farm. How will it stack up against other electric chainsaws, and more importantly, my 18” gas saw? [Read more…]

Having a Vine Time – Vining Plants that will Grow on You, and Everything Else


Upwards and onwards! This could be the rallying cry for vine lovers everywhere. No, not wine lovers. Even if I will discuss growing grapes later on in this article, that’s a different ballgame altogether. I’m actually talking about growing climbing plants, which are a great option for small space gardeners. Vining plants are very versatile. (Try saying that ten times fast). Some have beautiful flowers, others smell good, and some are edible. Read on for some vining plants worth considering, and some vine growing tips in general. [Read more…]

The New Rockler DIY Speaker Kit – Banish The Plywood, Rockler Style!

diy speaker kit

I love my tunes. When I go to do a job, there are certain tools that ALWAYS go along, whether I think I’ll need them or not. Among them are a cordless drill or impact driver; an oscillating multi-tool; a work light; and my old battery-powered radio. It ain’t pretty, and the sound is, well, crap. It works, though, and having tunes on the job makes me a happier human. For those who like their sound components to be a bit easier on the eyes and ears, Rockler recently came out with a DIY speaker kit that lets you add some custom style to YOUR tunes! [Read more…]

Coast LK375 Light/Knife – Does it Shine?


There is something to be said for doing just a few things, but doing them very well. Coast tools makes multitools, knives and flashlights. That’s it. In fact we’ve reviewed them in the past with this flashlight and headlamp review, (both still holding up great long-term). With their focus, Coast is very good at what they do. So, I guess it comes as no surprise that somebody there decided to put a knife and a flashlight together, kind of like the Reese’s peanut butter cup of survival / utility tools! [Read more…]

The AAW Symposium Spins Through The ‘Burgh – Woodturners Rejoice!

aaw symposium

Every so often, something comes along to remind me how feeble my woodworking skills are, while simultaneously giving me a kick in the butt to improve them. YouTube is loaded with videos showing the strange and wonderful stuff people with actual skills have cranked out. In the words of the immortal Marvin Gaye, though, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!” Recently, the real thing blazed a trail right to my doorstep, as the 29th Annual International AAW Symposium turned and burned its way into Pittsburgh. Take a look below, for some pics and Tweets (my first ever!) of the stunning woodiness on display! [Read more…]