Milwaukee Heated Hoodie Review – Kill the Chill with Jobsite Fashion

milwaukee heated hoodie

Many millenia ago, after graduating high school, and a brief, unsuccessful stint at a local community college, I went to work as a framing carpenter. Framing carpentry entails a lot of outdoor work, which I love. Since I lived in the Buffalo, NY area, however, this meant that a good part of the year was spent working in the cold and snow. This was back before every big storm was described as “Snowmageddon!!” or “Snowpocalypse!!” We just called it “Winter.” Back then, I still had metabolism to keep me warm. These days, I need all the help I can get, and usually resort to multiple layers, so I frequently resemble the Michelin Man. (My fondness for beer may also be partially responsible). A lighter-weight solution recently arrived, though, when we received a Milwaukee Heated Hoodie to evaluate. [Read more…]

Seed Starting Indoors – A Money Saving Idea


It’s the time of the year when avid gardeners everywhere start organizing their seed collections and begin attempting to get everything lined up for the upcoming growing season. The only trouble is that in most parts of the United States, the cold weather hasn’t gone away just yet. This is especially true this year when the city of Savannah, Georgia has had temperatures lower than those found in Inverness, Scotland on the same days on more than one occasion. I am not kidding when I say Florida is looking good. And, since not everyone has a geodesic dome greenhouse, it’s time to get your summer lineup underway if you haven’t already. [Read more…]

Video – Step Aside SawStop – Bosch Unleashes the New REAXX Table Saw

bosch reaxx table saw

Steve Jobs was legendary for his secrecy surrounding new technology and innovation. It’s part of the mystique that turned Apple from a dying tech has-been to the multi-zillion dollar mega-brand it is today. While secrecy surrounding tech gizmos is commonplace, it’s not often we see that intrigue spill over into the world of power tools. However, at the Bosch media event I attended a short time ago at World of Concrete, Bosch appeared to be borrowing a page or two from the Steve Jobs playbook. Signing non-disclosure agreements at media events is common. What was not common was the energy with which Bosch emphasized the secrecy of what they unveiled to the media in attendance. I assumed I would find myself answering yes to the question “Have you ever been in a Turkish prison” if I could not control the urge to live-tweet what Bosch was revealing to us. The media only knew this new product involved sawing. This led me to comment beforehand, “Unless it cuts with a high-power laser or competes with SawStop, I’m going to be disappointed.” I was not disappointed (and it doesn’t cut with lasers). [Read more…]

Rockler Joinery Tool Bag Review – Divide And Conquer

rockler joinery tool bag

Okay, I confess: Sometimes I’m a bit disorganized. It’s my only failing (opinions may vary), so I try not to let it bother me. It can be aggravating, though, when my sole failing causes me to arrive at a job site with one or more necessary tools missing. My solution? I ALWAYS make a list of what I’ll need, and I try to organize my tools and supplies so that I don’t spend more time searching for my tools than I do using them. My quest for order was recently given a boost when we received a new Rockler Woodworking and Hardware (a HF sponsor) Joinery Tool Bag to evaluate. [Read more…]

How to Build a Potting Bench For Pots, Not Pot

potting bench after

Gardeners these days have to be careful about what we say. We can innocently be chatting with a stranger about how totally addicted we are to growing and getting the pot all ready to go, and suddenly the stranger will appear uncomfortable and quickly move away. So as not to offend or be misunderstood, this potting bench we’re going to share with you is just for gardening and pots. Not for growing. Or for weed. [Read more…]

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver 2653-22 Review – and What You Should Never Do With an Impact Driver


Since I first became enlightened about impact drivers roughly three years ago, mine has earned a permanent spot in my truck. For such small, lightweight tools, they offer amazing power. Need to drill a hole? No problem. Got a bunch of 8” Timberlok lag screws to drive? Swap in the right bit, put in your earplugs, and go for it! For smaller jobs, though, using an impact driver is a bit like using an 18-wheeler to deliver a six-pack. Milwaukee has a solution for the “too much power” problem. They provided us with one of their impact drivers to evaluate; join us as we take a look at the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver, model 2653-22. [Read more…]

Turn Your Yard into a Food Forest

Fred Meyer in his own "Food Forest."

Thankfully, spring is approaching. It’s time to start thinking about your yard!! This year, consider this. Would you like to mow less? Water less? Use less expensive and potentially dangerous chemicals? How about going out in the yard and picking fresh food any time you want? Try Permaculture!! What exactly IS Permaculture, you ask? Although “Permaculture” would be a great name for a reggae band, it is actually a term coined by two Aussies, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren back in the 70’s from the combination of the two words, “permanent agriculture.” Permaculture looks at a given area, like your yard, as a whole system made up of lots of interconnected parts. Patterning designs on a natural system like a forest or a prairie, “Permies” (as Permaculture fans refer to themselves) aim to create a personal environment that mimics nature. They combine plants that are beneficial to other plants and beneficial to the local environment, including the inhabitants, like birds, butterflies, bees, and even humans! Like a forest or a prairie, once a permaculture garden or yard is established, it is self sustaining, with very little maintenance. [Read more…]

Eight Killer Woodworking Videos To Inspire You!

eight killer woodworking videos

Been a while since you’ve fired up the band saw? Does your workshop have dust everywhere but in the dust collector? Sounds like you need a little motivation…so DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME FIFTY, MAGGOT!! Oops, sorry; every once in a while, I flash back to boot camp. What I meant to say was “Grab yourself a refreshing beverage, and have a look at a small sampling of cool woodworking videos from the wild world of YouTube. Let’s get those creative juices flowing!” [Read more…]

Recycle Potting Soil – A Money Saving Option

garlic in recycled soil

Potting soil is expensive and having to constantly purchase more can be something of an irritation. After all, we gardeners would much rather be spending our hard earned cash on new and exotic plants to add to our garden such as pink banana trees or myrrh or caper bushes. Although that’s my own personal wish list for the moment, I’m sure all the container gardeners and raised-bed owners out there understand my point. We know that digging the soil out of the yard and using it is a bad idea, but we also remain somewhat sticker-shocked by high potting soil prices. But the dirt you used last season can indeed be recycled provided it is disease and bug free. Otherwise, you’re better off dumping rather than reusing the potential disastrous soil. [Read more…]

A Duvet Cover for Heavy Duty Use


Our bed sees tons of action. Between the solid eight hours of sleep my hubby and I put in there every night, and the three littles jumping on it almost daily, it’s got a really tough job. Its bedding was starting to look rather weary and worn down. It needed a rest. And maybe even a replacement. So I decided that in return for all the support it’s provided us through the years, it was time to give it an upgrade. New bedding can really spiff up a weathered and well used bed. [Read more…]