Wooden Growth Chart Project – Track Their Height With Style!

wooden growth chart

I have a grandson who is a bit over two years old – “Two anna turd” in kidspeak. My daughter recently mentioned she’d like to have a chart to record his march toward adulthood (something I still aspire to). They’re widely available, and you can pick up a cheap vinyl or paper one for a couple of bucks. But is a cheapo vinyl or paper chart good enough for MY little buddy? Hell no! A quick trip to the wood rack, a few bucks, and a little time and effort, and we ended up with a unique keepsake. If you have a little person whose growth spurts YOU’D like to memorialize, follow along. I’ll show you how I made my wooden growth chart, and offer some options to personalize yours. [Read more…]

Winter Gardening – When the Cold Winds Blow


It happens every year. The leaves begin to fall off the trees. One or two at first, then they come down so fast that you’re left with a large pile of them cluttering up the yard. If that wasn’t bad enough, then the mercury starts creeping southward until one day it refuses to budge above freezing. Hopefully by this point, gardeners have evacuated their yards of any tropical plants and mulched any frost sensitive specimens that were scheduled to remain outside. Of course, there’s plenty of things that gardeners can do to improve their garden plants’ survival rate through the bitterly cold winter months. [Read more…]

How to Make a Spinning Top Easily – Hip Hop You Don’t Top


If you’re looking for a simple toy project that you can knock out in bulk as quick gifts, party favors, craft fair items or official currency in some alternate universe where tops are tops, the simple, timeless joy of a spinning top is as easy to achieve as it gets. It’s also a great beginner project to get the kids and grandchildren involved. [Read more…]

SnapPower USB Charger – An Easy Outlet For Hard Chargers!

snappower usb charger

Ask the average American what they feel is the most pressing issue facing this country today, and the answer will likely be: USB device proliferation. Okay, the AVERAGE American may not feel that way, but there are probably a few tech junkies scattered around, possibly needing their meds adjusted, who hold that viewpoint. In any event, many households have a LOT of devices requiring replenishment via a USB drip, and frequently the supply of convenient outlets is scarcer than a Democrat who watches Fox News. With the introduction of the SnapPower USB Charger, there’s now a quick and easy way to add a USB charging port, without losing a receptacle. [Read more…]

Stayin’ Alive – How to Care for Common Holiday Plants


It happens every year when Christmas rolls around and people find themselves in desperate need of a gift for some random person in their lives that they don’t really know all that well. What better way from them to show that they at least acknowledge your existence than to bestow you with a huge plant? I’m sure a lot of folks ring in the New Year nervously eyeing the holiday plants that they just received. Although the hope is for it to live and flourish, there is a good chance that it will be unintentionally killed, as may have been the case with its numerous predecessors. Those with chronic black thumbs are probably the worst of the lot in this regard but even gardeners who are well-versed in plant care may end up completely befuddled by such gifts. With that in mind, I did some hunting on the internet to come up with some basic care instructions for the most commonly seen holiday plants that are out there, including Poinsettias, Christmas Cacti and Amaryllis. [Read more…]

Belly Up To Precision with Rockler Brass Setup Bars

Featured Image

Do you ever try to adjust the height of your table saw blade with a tape measure? Router bit height with ruler? I’m guessing you’ve used both of those methods, depending upon which is within reach at the moment; I certainly do. At least I used to, before our sponsor Rockler Woodworking and Hardware sent us their new Rockler Brass Setup Bars Master Set to evaluate. It’s nice to have the certainty they provide, eliminating possibility of misreading a ruler. Never heard of brass setup bars? If you’re a woodworker, cabinet maker or other hobbyist or pro that demands precision, you’ll wonder how you got along without them. [Read more…]

Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Measure Review – A Measurable Improvement?!

bosch glm 50 c

If you’ve ever had a chance to use a laser measure, I’m betting you either went and bought one shortly afterward, or you’re thinking of how to justify the purchase to your significant other. (HomeFixated Insider Tip: After many years of marriage, I have determined that it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission. Now the fine print: If you choose to follow this sage advice, we accept no responsibility for any ensuing relational dysfunction, and will refuse to testify in any civil – or uncivil – proceedings). We recently took a look at several excellent Bosch laser measures, and we just received a sample of one of their latest pro-quality products to evaluate. We’ll explore how the Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Measure compares to its predecessors, and at the end of January, 2016, we’ll give one away to a lucky HomeFixated reader! [Read more…]

2016 International Builder Show – What’s Hot in Vegas


We are kicking off our trade show and media event schedule early this year with coverage of the 2016 International Builder’s Show and the Kitchen and Bath Show. It’s all part of Design and Construction week, or, at least that’s what attendees tell their significant others as they try to hide their glee departing for Las Vegas. If you’d like to see what’s hot, new and trending in the world of residential construction, read on! Fair warning, there is a ton of photo and video content, so the page may take a little longer to load. Check out all the IBS / KBIS Las Vegas action that’s fit to “print” here! [Read more…]

Milwaukee M18 Super Hawg Review – The Biggest Hawg In The Pen!

milwaukee m18 super hawg

Earlier this year, we took a look at the just-introduced Milwaukee M18 Hole Hawg. When I reviewed it, it was by far the most powerful cordless drill I’d ever used. That was almost eight months ago, though, and the toolmeisters at Milwaukee have been hard at work, trying to come up with a way to make even BIGGER holes! If you’re a plumber or HVAC tech, or someone who needs to drill big honkin’ holes on a regular basis, join us as we check out the Milwaukee M18 Super Hawg, and we’ll see if they succeeded. [Read more…]

Refresh Mint – Adding Zip, Zest, and Zing to the Garden with Mints!


According to Greek Mythology, this set of plants came about when dear old Hades, Lord of the Underworld, got involved with a good-looking water nymph named Minthe. As has been the case in similar situations, things didn’t go too well when the wife showed up. Persephone promptly turned the other woman into a plant. Presumably she also blistered her husband’s ear off but that part of the tale didn’t make the Wikipedia entry. [Read more…]