Ceiling Buttons aka Plaster Washers Help Tame Your Sagging Plaster

I wish I had known about these ceiling buttons, also known as plaster washers, a few months ago. That’s about when part of our kitchen ceiling collapsed during some remodeling work. Thankfully no one was under it when it came down, because I am pretty sure 80 square feet of plaster would hurt. Apparently I am not the only one with loose plaster woes. These plaster washers are used to hold up sagging ceilings. They are countersunk in the middle for a drywall screw and have perforations to provide a “key” for your patching compound to hold on to. Plaster washers are available in the standard 1 inch diameter and the new and improved 1-1/4″ Plaster Washers which are stiffer to hold more weight per screw. Sold in various size packages. 100 of the 1-1/4″ Plaster Washers are around $12 from Kilian’s Hardware.

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