Rockler’s Own Version of YouTube: Woodworking Video Demos

As much as someone who makes her living writing hates to admit it, sometimes a video is much more helpful than a manual. While manuals are certainly useful and should be consulted with for the little details, we like that more and more, companies are developing clips to show their products in action.

Rockler, HomeFixated’s sponsor and your favorite woodworking resource, is hip to this fact and has an entire library of product demos.

Rockler Video contains a collection of clips that let you see as first-hand as possible the appeal of several Rockler woodworking products.The listing of offerings is large – including Rockler Bench Cookies (a product we actually reviewed ourselves!), the Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig, the 9 Piece Power Bore Drill Set, and much more.

The extra great thing we like about this section of Rockler’s site is that they don’t just showcase their own videos, but they also post the clips made by customers and media who are doing their own demos and product reviews. A video and a second opinion – we love it! (And remember, if you’re making a video, it’s best to hire a writer to nail down those scripts! Most important part!)


  1. Thanks guys! We do also have a channel on YouTube, with even more videos!
    You can find The Rockler Channel here:

    Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
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