A Strip Club in Your Garage – Your HOA’s Gonna Love This Garage Door Art

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Custom design by Style Your Garage

Garage doors are typically pretty boring — functional, but not much to look at — until now. Style Your Garage has come up with a product that will make you the envy of all your friends while either A) simultaneously providing a lovely scene for your neighbor across the street or B) totally pissing off said neighbor. (Oooh, I can’t wait until somebody tries to slide one of these by their HOA!)  

Another customer request. How's that for a maintenance free pet?

Dreaming of a strip club in your garage? Done. Always wanted to own a horse, but can’t be bothered with messy clean up and costly feeding expense? Problem solved. Kids hounding you for an elephant for Christmas and you don’t want to disappoint? Go ahead…indulge the little angels by turning your garage into a zoo! It’s all possible with Garage Door Billboards by Style Your Garage.

Available for single or multi-door garages, the garage door billboard is a heavy duty, tear and weather resistant, mural-style photograph that fits over your existing doors. It attaches (relatively) easily with Velcro tape. It secures to any material, (wood, metal, etc.), and even textured surfaces. The billboards are suitable for several types of garage doors, although not recommended for “shutter style” doors. Standard size is 2.10 m H x 2.45 m W, with alternative and custom sizes available.

Merry Christmas kids!

Style Your Garage gives you the option of uploading your own image, which they custom recreate onto a billboard, or choosing from their own collection of motifs. I know the strip club and some of the other customer requested, custom designs are a little “out there,” but many of Style Your Garage’s own are more traditional, including some nice scenic views and several that are just better looking garage doors. (NOTE: In case you’re wondering, a similar product is offered for interior doors too. A strip club in the master bath? Anyone?)

The billboards install in under an hour without the need for much more than a second set of hands, a tape measure and a good cutting knife. The manufacturer suggests certain guidelines for optimal adhesion — temperature seems to be a factor — and other tips to make installation as easy as possible. Some styles of door, like the sectional, require a little extra effort, (the billboard must be cut and placed individually on each section), and Velcro in addition to what’s included with the package. Further information about sectional door install and installation in general is available on their FAQ page.

Style Your Garage's "Country Mansion" motif

Prices for Garage Door Billboards
vary depending on size, custom design, etc. Style Your Garage’s “Country Mansion” motif costs $389.00, plus shipping, which is important to consider — these guys are located in Germany so shipping could potentially add quite a bit to the price.

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  1. At my house, the strip club motif would need to come with an included 1BR apartment that I would then be sleeping in. That door isn’t worth half my stuff and both my kids.


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