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With summer in full swing, it’s time to embrace those BBQ and picnic weather occasions every chance we can.  Patio furniture is certainly nice, but there’s nothing quite as quaint as sitting at a true picnic table, enjoying a meal or a late night round of cards on a summer night.

Growing up, we actually had a picnic table with the long benches in the house (it was nice, I swear!) as our main kitchen table. I have lots of happy memories of meals and board games and – of course – sitting next to someone who farted so hard I could feel it on my side of the bench (ok, fine, it was me! “Who ever felt it, dealt it” was the saying around my home).

Now that I’ve clearly sold you on picnic tables with that last comment, let’s look at some! At there is a number of great options.

The rectangular style is a nice classic – with either the benches connected (like you often see outdoors in parks) or detached (the style we had in my home). I’m personally drawn to the Red Cedar Contoured Picnic Table with Benches. It’s smooth, clean and a little country. Available in four sizes, this picnic table starts at $689.

For a super retro feel, consider the Handicap Accessible Round Perforated Table. There’s something very 60s and 70s about this picnic table – but also modern in that one side of the seating has been removed to allow for more accessibility. Coming in several bright colors, this style starts at $1199.

For a larger family or those who love to socialize, Cypress 57″ Octagonal Walk-In Table is ideal. This table comfortably seats eight and lets everyone see each other – great for shared meals, card games or a good old fashioned family fight! This option, available in three stains, starts at $1199.

If none of these strike your fancy, cruise around and find sometime more your style. Let us know what you like!

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