A Very Silly Picture and the Bio-Drum Garden Composter

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BioDrum_ComposterOk, before I get into it, you know I need to comment about this picture of The Overall Twins showing off this composter. The thing is, there’s so much there I’m overwhelmed. So many things to say – but which is the most clever? The most snarky? The most HomeFixatedable?

I’d like to propose HomeFixated’s first caption contest, because I have a feeling someone out there can do this better than I can. So, please, comment with your best caption and we’ll figure out a prize for you (the prize might just be glory … just so you know).

Now … with that business out of the way – let’s talk Bio-Drum!

We’ve mentioned a few times, particularly when talking about the clippings from lawn mowers, that composting is a good green option to garbaging certain waste. Technically, you can make a compost bin out of a garbage can, but technically that can be gross and annoying. You’re being so good – you owe yourself a pre-built contraption to make composting easy.

The 50-Gallon Bio-Drum Garden Composter is a simple but smart way to turn your food and lawn scraps into the best fertilizer your garden can get. Pop compost-friendly items (leaves, grass, shredded paper, coffee grinds, vegetable scraps, egg shells, tea bags – but no matter what, NO MEAT) into the top. Plug it up and spin it around to get things rolling and oxidizing. After a few months of rolling around, you’ll be able to pop open the other plug – the, uh, “out” end. Steamy, rich compost is yours for the gardening!

Yardiac offers this Bio-Drum Garden Composter-50 Gal version for $344.95. Larger styles are also available for those who really want to get their green on.

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