Tool News Nirvana – Bosch Demo Hammer, Dickies Tool Bags, New Bosch Grinders and Harley-Davidson/Craftsman Tool Storage

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homefixated-tool-news-nirvanaI hope you’ve got your vaccination! Because it’s time for another tool infected episode of Tool News Nirvana! We’ve got sick grinders and demo hammers from Bosch, Dickies unveils its cure for the common tool bag and Harley and Craftsman get ill together with their limited edition tool storage products. So get plenty of rest, be sure to take your vitamins and roll up your sleeve for your big shot of Tool News Nirvana.

Bosch DH507 12 lb. SDS-max Demo Hammer

Stop! Hammer Time!
Stop! Hammer Time!

If you’re sick (of your bathroom tile or old concrete) the Bosch DH507 12 lb. SDS-max Demo Hammer can cure your ills. With demo hammers becoming smaller and lighter all of the time, it’s no wonder Bosch came to the rescue with another lightweight yet powerful demolition hammer. Weighing in at just 12.4 pounds and delivering 5.6 ft. lbs. of impact, this tool is powerful enough to blast slots in concrete as well as small enough to fit in a small shower and remove old tiles. Take a look at the video below and see for yourself just how well this demo hammer does its job.

The ergonomic handle and lower motor placement provide the tool with the leverage you need to get any demolition job done with ease. You can find it in stores near you in May, or get the Bosch DH507 SDS-Max Demolition Hammer.

Dickies Tool Bags

The Dickies Doctor Bag
The Dickies Doctor Bag

You might have worn some of their sick duds before; Dickies has been making and selling work wear since 1922. From painter’s smocks to mechanics jumpsuits, Dickies has the work wear for just about every blue collar profession there is. So it’s no wonder with a background like that, that they’ve now expanded their product line to tool bags and pouches.

Dickies Makes Kangaroos Jealous of their Pouches
Dickies Makes Kangaroos Jealous of their Pouches

Coming to a store near you this summer, Dickies announces it will partner with JS Products Inc. to create a broad assortment of licensed painting tool bags, aprons and tool storage accessories. The core pieces of Dickies new tools will include utility pouches, rigs, belt systems, aprons, tool holsters, bucket organizers, utility sheaths and tool bags. Professional painters should expect plenty of accessories for painting supplies and tools. For more information on their new tool bags and accessories, take a look at Dickies website here or visit their partner, JS Products Inc. right here.

Bosch Grinders

Get your Grind on with Bosch
Get your Grind on with Bosch

Bosch has delivered the cure for the common grinder with 11 new powerful, handheld grinders. Just when you thought that Bosch grinders were powerful enough, they went and added two more amps of gritty, grinding power.

Bosch took their grinders even further and changed the handle layout so that they can be held from multiple positions unlike the rear-grip only handles of their previous models. Expect to see four slide switch grinders and seven paddle switch grinders coming to a Bosch tool dealer in your area this May. Take a look at the video below and visit the Bosch Tools website here for more details on these “tool fever-inducing” grinders.

Craftsman and Harley Davidson Tool Storage

Craftsman (1000x516)When you’re sick of your hand tools lying around your shop, nothing cures the pain of messy hand tools like a Craftsman tool storage combo. Nine sliding metal drawers of rolling wheel goodness are all you need to kick the sick of tool storage troubles. No shop is complete without a good tools storage setup like the ones Craftsman has been offering consumers for years.

But what happens when you combine your love for tools with your love for hogs? You get a case of tool envy. And if you don’t get your new Harley Davidson/ Craftsman tool storage chest, cabinet or portable tool chest before the rest of your biker gang does, you’re going to be infected with a serious case of tool storage blues.

There are three new cool tool storage systems available now from Craftsman and Harley-Davidson: The three drawer portable tool chest retails for just under $80. The four drawer rolling cabinet sells for just under $380 and the matching five drawer top chest retails for just over $300. Each chest has the orange and black official Harley Davidson logo and is the perfect tool storage accessory for bike lovers everywhere. Visit the Craftsman website here to buy one of these sick storage systems.

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