New Pocket-Sized Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table Saw

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OK, so maybe “pocket-sized” is a stretch, but the new Bosch GTS1031 10″ jobsite table saw looks incredibly compact. Sometimes companies throw around the word “portable” with loose abandon. Case in point: “Portable” Buildings. Sure they’re portable, if you have an 18 wheeler handy. There’s no marketing hyperbole in the Bosch’s use of portable here though. This is one compact and highly portable table saw.

I’m going to grossly oversimplify things here and say that table saws come in two categories: 1) saws you can take places and 2) saws that you never-ever want to move unless someone holds a gun to your head. ¬†Even jobsite table saws can be a little unwieldy though, and getting them in and out of a vehicle can be a pain (especially if you’re like half the contractors in Southern California who drive trucks 60 feet off the ground). Don’t even get me started on that.

The GTS1031 occupies a tiny nook in this truck

With the new Bosch GTS1031, you won’t even break a sweat transporting it from truck to site, or, in the case of a DIYer, from garage to wherever you’re working. It’s designed to be carried one-handed (by you, not the Incredible Hulk). The modular blade guard looks like one of the least cumbersome blade guards we’ve seen in while. That means when certain people remove the guard (for transport of course), it actually might stand a chance of getting put back on before use. All the saw goodies store and secure under the saw (with the exception of the optional GTA500 stand, which folds up and can be carried in your other hand).

More Deets from Bosch:

The GTS1031 packs a powerful punch to handle a full array of applications. The saw rips up to 18-inch widths and can support up to a 8-inch diameter, 1/2-inch dado stack. With a 4.0 HP max and a 5,000 RPM motor, the GTS1031 can cut through rough lumber, sheet goods, flooring, stair treads, shelving, siding, trim and much more. The all-steel durable base incorporates a nearly indestructible lightweight design and rubber feet give it maximum stability when in use.

The GTS1031 includes a 24T blade, rip fence, smart guard, miter gauge, blade wrenches and L-wrench.

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5 thoughts on “New Pocket-Sized Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table Saw”

  1. Ken, it’s not a Contractor’s saw, it’s a Jobsite saw. Contractor’s saws are larger, are much more heavy duty, are belt driven. have cast iron tops, and in some cases have much more accurate fences.

  2. Nice saw, very portable, feeling very robust. But the table is small considering you need to open it and move the fence on the extended small surface to cut over 10″ – much less handy and precise in this aspect then the Dewalt 745 with its rack & pinion fence. Also, a negative point for the Bosch is the ‘insert’ (the throat plate). It is made of relatively thin metal piece that snap on the table. It is possible to bent it at its center with the press of one finger. Bosch has made it wrong with this piece, and it is not compatible with other Bosch portable table saw inserts.

  3. Looks like a great little saw. I’ve got an old Craftsman saw that is about the same size that I’ve been looking to replace, and this saw might just be the one I end up with. I wish that Bosch had paid closer attention to safety when making their promo video, some of those blade heights are scary.

  4. Wow, that’s a lot smaller/lighter than my Bosch 4100-09 Gravity Rise table saw. Though I have a 25″ rip capaicty rather than this one’s 18″, it’s more than enough for over 90% of the cuts I make anyway. For garages where the HOA parking police make you park 2 cars in, this is a great space saver.


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