SKIL Project: Caboose Inspired Toy Chest

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If you have children or grandchildren, you probably know that one of the side effects of Christmas, Hanukkah and the myriad of other holiday celebrations is the need for more storage. Even if the kids in your life already have plenty, you or your relatives couldn’t help but get them a gift … or 20.

While those Tupperware bins may be handy, nothing quite has the charm that a true toy chest does. We found some free plans online from SKIL Tools that can help you build a mighty fine toy box – one that you can easily embellish to become a caboose for that mini train enthusiast in your life.

Of course, you don’t have to turn it into a caboose. The basic design is laid out for you by SKIL and it’s up to you what you can do from there. Go plain, go train – you choose! With a little imagination you can also design the toy chest to resemble a doll house or simply feature the names of the kiddos who will be receiving it.

The other neat feature of this design is the checkerboard on top. Sure, it’s got to compete with iPads and Playstations and Nintendo DSes and the contents of the toy chest, but here’s to hoping that your kids might like some old-timey fun, too.

Using these plans, the toy chest works out to be about 34″ wide x 20″ deep. Tool-wise, you’ll need a jig saw or band saw, router, hammer or nail gun, and a screwdriver. As for materials, here’s what you need:

  • 1/2-in. x 4×8 ft, birch plywood (1)
  • 1/2-in. x 2×4 ft. birch plywood (1)
  • 3/16-in. x 4×8-ft. primed beadboard (1)
  • 1×4 x 8 ft. poplar (4)
  • 1×6 x 2 ft. poplar (1)
  • 2×4 x 2 ft. pine
  • 1 x 1 x 60 inch stock corner molding (1)
  • 13/16 x 2-7/16-in. no-mortise hinges (Woodcraft No. 27G13; 2)
  • Left lid support (Woodcraft No.04X61; 1)
  • Right lid support (Woodcraft No.04X12;1)
  • Right lid support (Woodcraft No.04X13;1)
  • No.8 x 1-1/4-in. screws
  • 1-1/4-in. brads
  • 1-in. brads
  • 5/8-in. brads
  • Upholstery tacks
  • Wood putty or spackle
  • Wood glue

Nothing too wacky there! Take a look at the full, free plans HERE, compliments of our sponsor SKIL. A fun project for you, a neat toy chest for them, and a bit of organized sanity after the holidays. What more could you ask for?

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