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carhartt seatsaver

Even though my six-year-old truck is used primarily for work, I still take a bit of pride in how it looks. I put a hole in the seat on my previous truck, when I got in with a screwdriver sticking out of my back pocket. Many foul words were uttered, and it didn’t help that I had no one but myself to blame, as is often the case. As the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid. The folks at CoverCraft can’t, either, but recently they sent us a product that will hopefully minimize the damage from my senior moments. Check your pockets, and take a seat, as we take a look at my recently-installed Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers.

I’ll take a little paint on the seat over a screwdriver puncture every time…

Made by CoverCraft under license from Carhartt, Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers have the familiar look and feel of Carhartt’s work gear. They’re very sturdily constructed – in the USA, no less! – with heavy-duty duck weave material, and triple stitched main seams. CoverCraft custom designs seat covers to fit specific makes, models, and even sub-models of each vehicle they provide covers for, to guarantee a perfect fit. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the key features and benefits, followed by a short promo video:

• Custom Patterned Seat Cover
• Easy to install and remove
• Machine Washable
• Make Your Seats Carhartt Tough
• All Applicable Headrests, Armrests, and Console Covers
• Sold per row; buckets (pair), bench (single)
• 2 Colors Available
• 3-Year Warranty

Dialing In The Fit For Your Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers

CoverCraft’s ordering process makes it easy to guarantee you get the Carhartt SeatSaver custom seat covers that are right for your vehicle. The hardest thing you have to do is choose the color. In the SeatSaver line, you can choose from Carhartt Brown or Carhartt Gravel, aka grey. Although I really like the brown, everything else in my F150 SuperCrew cab is grey, so I bowed to the fashion gods and went with the Gravel color.

Hmmm, what’s the color scheme here, brown or grey…?

After that, I just followed the prompts on their web site to make sure I got the right custom fit for my year, make and model. I first selected the front seats that matched my configuration from the three available options, then did the same for the rear seats. All that’s left to do is pay the man, sit back, and wait for the Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers to arrive. Just over a week later, they did!

The Cover Up

When the package containing my Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers arrived, I was surprised it wasn’t bigger. I’m not sure exactly what I expected, but the two boxes, one for the first row and one for the rear, seemed relatively small, at about 5”x12”x16” each.

carhartt seatsaver
The boxes for the Carhartt SeatSaver seat covers didn’t seem very big…

Once I dumped everything out, my skepticism vanished. They pack a lot of stuff into those boxes, and nothing was missing. The assortment for the back seats included separate covers for each headrest, the armrest, and each seat bottom and seatback.

carhartt seatsaver headrest
But everything I needed was there. This is for the back seats.

I started with the back seat, putting the first cover on the “40” section of the 60/40 bench seat. It was a little challenging threading the straps through the gap between the seat back and bottom, but my fat fingers finally wiggled their way through.

The back row is a 60/40 bench seat with a center folding armrest.
I started with the smaller seat…

Once the covers were in place, the straps could be cinched up to snug up the covers on the seat. The straps were long enough to make the connections fairly easily, with not a lot of extra to dangle and get in the way.

The rear seat was finished quickly. On to the front!
Straps beneath the seat secure the covers snugly.

The three headrest covers all fit perfectly, and had cutouts where the adjustment buttons were located. There was also a cover for the rear seat armrest, which also fit perfectly, and left an opening for the pop-out beverage holder.

carhartt seatsaver headrest
The headrest covers fit perfectly, and have cutouts where needed.

Moving Forward With The Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers

After the back seats were all snug and secure, I opened the box for the front seats. Happily, there weren’t quite as many pieces to deal with for the front. Each bucket seat got one connected piece for each seat and back, and there were two headrest covers.

The covers weren’t labeled as to which seat they were for. I knew there were air bags in the outboard side of each seat, though, and each cover had a flap on one side, so that narrowed it down pretty quickly.

The front seats have side airbags inside…
carhartt seatsaver
The seat covers have openings for the airbags…
Covered by little flaps to tidy things up.

I tugged the seat back portion of the covers on, then tucked a small flap with the strap through the gap between the seat bottom and back. Again, it was snug but do-able.

carhartt seatsaver install
The strap will go under the seat to secure the front of the cover.

The front seats have a lot of wiring and electronics for the power seats, seat heaters, etc. This made it a bit more challenging to thread the strap under the seat. I ended up taping the straps to a straightened-out coat hanger to feed them through the maze.

Welcome to the space shuttle…
carhartt seatsaver
A coat hanger provided guidance for the strap.

I was also leery of cranking down the straps too tightly around the under-seat tangle, and buggering something up to the tune of a $500 repair bill. I snugged them up just enough to keep them in place, and so far they’ve stayed in place pretty well. Everything fit snugly, which is exactly how I want them to fit, and the whole installation took less than an hour.

The front seats are now screwdriver-resistant…

Is Camo Your Favorite Color? Try To Spot The Carhartt SeatSaver In Mossy Oak

Love hunting, fishing, and the outdoors in general, even on cold, snowy, wet days? Tired of sitting on contractor trash bags to keep your seats from getting all that outdoor residue all over them? Carhartt SeatSaver seat covers can be yours in Mossy Oak Break Up Country pattern.

carhartt seatsaver
Disguise your interior with some Mossy Oak camo…

The Mossy Oak patterned covers are made with the same durable triple-stitched seams and water repellency of the other Carhartt SeatSaver seat covers. They’re easy to remove on the off chance they get wet and filthy, and like the other Carhartt seat covers, they’re machine washable.

CoverCraft Seatback Organizers Have Your Back

Along with the Carhartt SeatSaver seat covers, CoverCraft also sent two Carhartt seatback organizers, model SBK2001CAGY. Designed and made of the same sturdy Duck Weave fabric as the seat covers, each organizer includes four pockets. There are two mesh pockets with an elastic top, and two reinforced water-resistant pockets.

The Carhartt seatback organizers install quickly and securely…

Clearly the organizers were designed by people with kids, as they declare the organizers “are designed to hold up to the abuse of being kicked over-and-over while adding some much-needed organization to your vehicle.”

They were easy and intuitive to install. One strap goes around the top of the headrest, the other wraps around the bottom of the seatback. The organizers are available in Carhartt Brown, Carhartt Gravel, and Mossy Oak, and will fit most vehicles with bucket seats.

They help corral all the loose “stuff” rattling around in the back.

There’s always an assortment of “stuff” rattling around the back seat of my truck: Gloves, duct tape, bungee cords, tie-down straps, and miscellaneous small tools. These seatback organizers will definitely help with the aforementioned much-needed organization.

• Carhartt Classic Styling
• Water-Resistant Fabric
• Heavy-Duty Duck Weave Fabric
• Durable Triple Stitched Main Seams
• Fits Most Vehicles
• Measures: 18.5 inches x 23.5 Inches
• Two Mesh Pockets with Elastic Top
• Two Reinforced Water-Resistant Pockets
• Easy to Clean & Machine Washable
• Easy Installation/Removal
• Attaches Quickly With Straps & Buckles
• Sold Individually
• Available in Carhartt Brown, Carhartt Gravel, & Carhartt Mossy Oak
• Made in USA

But Wait – There’s More!

Got other stuff to protect? If it has anything to do with pretty much any type of moving object, CoverCraft probably has you covered. Literally. They have vehicle covers specifically designed for everything from motorcycles, ATVs and personal watercraft to RVs, and almost everything in between.

carhartt covers
Keep the crud off your after-work wheels, too…

To protect the innards of your ride, they have custom sunscreens and dash protectors to battle the sun, and pet beds and seat protectors to keep Fifi from shredding your fine Corinthian leather. A variety of floor mats and cargo protectors, including the full lineup from WeatherTech, are available to keep water, mud and crud from destroying your carpeting.

Keep the claws and fur out of your seats on “take your doggie to work day”.

Still not enough? Anyone living in colder climates might want to check out their seat heating kits. Got dings? CoverCraft also offers an assortment of front-end masks, aka car bras, to deflect the pavement chunks tossed up by that FedEx triple trailer you just passed.

And for you pickup drivers who have yanked out your tailgates, there’s even an assortment of tailgate nets to keep your valuable stuff from ending up in the middle of the road. And if the Carhartt SeatSaver covers aren’t your cup of meat, CoverCraft offers a wide assortment of other seat covers. The CoverCraft web site is an interesting place to poke around and explore. Just be advised that due to the large amount of cool stuff, it may be hazardous to your credit card statement.

A pretty sweet tailgate replacement!

Final Coverage On The Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers

CoverCraft claims that in addition to being extremely durable, the Duck Weave fabric used to make Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers is highly water-resistant. They speak the truth. I took a cup of water out to the truck to see how well it would puddle up. I poured a bit onto the rear-seat armrest, and it immediately beaded up and rolled off onto the rear seat cover, where it immediately rolled down into the crevice between the seat and backrest.

carhartt seatsaver
Liquids puddle up and slide right off the Duck Weave fabric.

At north of $500 to outfit two rows of seats, the Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers aren’t cheap. Neither is having to get a seat reupholstered, though. I discovered many years ago the truth in the adage “you get what you pay for,” and that’s certainly true when it comes to seat covers. I’ve had others in the past that didn’t want to stay put, and started ripping within weeks of being installed.

carhartt seatsaver brown
The Carhartt Brown SeatSaver covers look good, too…

The quality of the Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers is evident as soon as you start to install them. Fit and finish is excellent, and CoverCraft backs them with a three-year warranty (two years on the Mossy Oak). If you want an even more comfy cover, the Carhartt covers are also available in a Precision Fit model, with foam backing.

For anyone trying to give their vehicle seats some protection from the wear and tear of the working or sporting life, the Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers are definitely worth a look. They offer great protection, and the Carhartt logo adds a touch of “cool” to your ride. If the Carhartt SeatSaver Seat Covers hold up anywhere near as well as my Carhartt clothing, my truck seats will be in for a long and happy life. Now where the hell’s my screwdriver…

carhartt seatsaver

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