Caulked N Ready, Your Caulk Has Never Been More Ready

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fastcap-caulked-n-readyWhen I first saw the Caulked N Ready from Fastcap, I rejoiced at all the crude grade-school “caulk” jokes I could make. Then I remembered Jen already took care of that in her article on the Red Devil Color Caulk System. So, other than the article title, I promise that no sentence about the Caulked N Ready could be misinterpreted in any sort of inappropriate way. As you regular readers of Home Fixated know, we never stoop to the level of low-brow humor.

If you’re like me, you want immediate access to your caulk, and you don’t want to fumble around for it right when it’s needed most. There’s just nothing more awkward. That’s why I was excited to learn about the Caulked N Ready, which promised me easy access to my caulk, especially when slung along my pant leg. This handy piece of gear features a holster that accepts any standard caulk gun (the normal sized caulk, not the giant caulks that are used in specialized applications). I’m sure Fastcap has nothing against giant caulks, but they do make up a relatively small percentage of the caulk market.

The Caulked N Ready has a handy dandy adjustable metal clip, enabling you to clip your caulk to your pants. It also makes for a great way to neatly store your caulk. The downside to the adjustable metal clip is that it’s not very easy to adjust. In fact, I had to use a tool or two to change it’s adjustment. But it’s a minor gripe, since the settings all work pretty comparably. But if you want to fine-tune where you grip your caulk, it is do-able with a minute of tinkering.

The Caulked N Ready also features a clever plug and reservoir tip to prevent caulk “leakage” and to catch any overflow from the tip. You do have to pay attention when holstering your caulk though, it’s easy for the tip to miss the plug. I don’t know how feasible it would have been from a manufacturing standpoint, but some plastic fingers to guide the tip into the desired location would have made re-insertion a “no-look” operation. But it’s easy enough with a quick glance.

All in all, the Caulked N Ready makes for very convenient caulk access and storage. If you’re wandering around your house looking for places to put your caulk, it’s a must have piece of gear. Phew! I told you this article would be free of all off-color humor! So if you’re sold on handy caulk access and storage, we recommend the Caulked N Ready. If you’re still not sold, check out the Caulked N Ready demo video, it’s rated G. The Caulked N Ready is available for a bargain $12 online from McFeely’s and several other online retailers.

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