New Crescent Line has Organization in the Bag – The Crescent Contractor Bulk Bag

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Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag

Our friends at Crescent were kind enough to send us their 20” Contractor Bulk Bag from the new line of Durable Tool Storage Bags to try out. In general, the tool bag is often overlooked as we go straight for the shiny tool it holds inside. Crescent has placed some much-needed focus on this extension our tools.

Contrast is Key

When you first look at the Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag, one of the very first things you see is the sharp contrast of the bright orange inner lining with the black exterior. This is a fine fashion design choice but, on a more practical level, the tools that are inside are more easily seen. The traditional black bag with matching black interior is a wonderful place to lose any number of items. The bottom of mine had nail sets, electrical tape, fasteners, drill bits. . . The common black interior is the Bermuda Triangle of the item that you know you bought three times now.

Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
The bright inner lining increases visibility considerably. There is no hiding in there.

Crescent Contractor Bulk Bag Features

Crescent has utilized several quality features in the entire line. The features specific to the Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag are:

• Professional grade contractor bulk bag is perfect for everyday use in rugged conditions
• 11 exterior and 19 interior pockets
• Hard polypropylene base resists moisture and protects the bag from wear and tear
• Bright orange interior designed as visual aid in darker environments
• Made with 1680D polyester and metal hardware for professional use and wear
• 26 PALS on the outside of the bag for easy access to frequently used tools
• Two padded handles ergonomically designed for comfortable transport
• Padded shoulder strap for convenient, hands-free transport
• High quality YKK zipper with 3-year warranty and oversized pull

Organization: Inside and Out

I personally appreciate the opportunity to field test another product from Crescent. After all, I did throw their Shockforce tape measure off the roof of my garage a while back. But it was in the name of science and in the interest of fact checking.

At any rate, you can see the exterior clip on the end pocket of the Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag is specifically designed to hold your tape measure. It is conveniently placed with solid construction of a metal bracket riveted to the strong 1680D polyester. Let the record show that the same Shockforce tape measure that was unceremoniously launched from my garage roof is safely secured to the bag. It also continues to work quite well.

Crescent Contractor Bulk Bag
The hardware, fabric and zippers are all high quality adding to the strength.
Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
Here it is – our battle tested Shockforce tape measure. Clipped on, easily found and ready for action! There are enough pockets to safely store a vintage glass doorknob that may have been found when emptying the other tool bag.

The exterior of the Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag is utilized as efficiently as the inside. 26 PALS, the elastic bands, are so helpful in keeping your more regularly used hand tools organized and accessible. While the inside utilizes open pouches and zippered pockets to keep the bottom of the bag cleared for parts or larger tools.

Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
With the PALS on all sides and supported by pockets, your tools are safe but easily accessible.

Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag Holds Up Under the Weight

The sturdy hardware used in this Crescent line of bags is evident in the shoulder strap on their 20” Contractor Bulk Bag. This is a large bag with a great deal of capacity for tools, and the weight of those tools adds up. I successfully transferring all of the tools from my tired and road-worn bag into the Crescent bag. The weight of the tools was absorbed by the shoulder strap comfortably. With my hands free, I could easily carry a coffee from the truck to the project site.

Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
The padded shoulder strap comfortably distributes the weight across your shoulder while freeing your hands.
Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
The hardware in the Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag is as substantial as the bag itself.
Crescent Contractor Bulk Bag
My old tool bag full of tools, bits and . . .is that an antique glass doorknob under that wrench?
Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
The 20 inch Contractor Bag absorbed everything from that old bag and had spaces left for additional tools and supplies.

The hard polypropylene base also held up when only half of the bag was supported by a stool. The rigidity of the water resistant base was on display as it hung over a step without falling. Other bags would have tumbled over and over like some evil version of a slinky. Yes, I am speaking from personal experience with the evil slinky bag. And, yes, they simultaneously empty themselves as they go tumbling down the stairs.

Crescent Contractor Bulk Bag
Half of the filled bag is hanging, unsupported – defying gravity with it’s supportive bottom!

In other news, the side walls and zipper top opening of this contractor bag have a structural component that will stand open on its own. This allows you to easily look in the bag for the tool you need or to return a tool to its rightful place. All of this without needing two additional hands to hold the bag open. And maybe a third hand to shine the flashlight into the dark, scary places of the old collapsing bag. That number of hands math might be a little off or may just be more than what you actually have. Either way the Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag is definitely hands freeing.

Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
With tools in the inside pockets and external PALS, the tool bag walls stand straight up. Open for clear viewing and access.
Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
These flaccid remains of a tool bag lay like a deflated bicycle inner tube. It is somehow even sadder without tools piled in it.

The ‘Evolution’ of the Tool Bag

If we take a moment to look at a historical review of the tool box/bag, we see the Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag leading the evolutionary line. We created a box to hold our tools and then made advances upon that concept. The classic metal box with spot-weld construction lead us to the finer produced metal tool box with latches and fancy leather handle.

Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
A classic, shop class, metal tool box organized in a mess of plumbing ‘materials.’

Technological advances brought us to the tool bag. This tired and somewhat deflated bag can attest to the lack of structure – literal and figurative structure. There is more structure than the brown paper shopping bags but there was clearly room for advancement. The Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag steps in to show the full potential of the modern-day tool bag. Crescent takes it one step further with a full line as listed below.

Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
Here is the progression of tool boxes/bags over time. The Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag stands tall above the rest – literally.

CTB1450 14” Closed Bag 14”L x 8.2” W x 14.5”H
CTB1410 14” Open Bag 14”L x 9.6” W x 14.5”H
CTB1750 17” Closed Bag 17”L x 9.5” W x 16.7”H
CTB1710 17” Open Bag 17”L x 11” W x 16”H
CTB2010 20” Contractor Bulk Bag 20”L x 22.2” W x 13”H
CTB1000 Backpack 14”L x 10” W x 18”H

Crescent Line Provides Structure

Crescent 20” Contractor Bulk Bag
You will find that the Crescent Line of Tool Bags will save you time with increased efficiency. Less time looking for tools and buying bits you already own.

I suspect I’m not alone in admitting that I could benefit from additional structure and organization. I may have heard my wife mention that in passing or time or three. The new line of Durable Tool Storage Bags by Crescent has produced a product that will surely help everyone, regardless of your level of need. The 20″ Crescent Contractor Bulk Bag, at an affordable $79.99, has officially retired my previous tool bag and relegated it to the Museum of Natural History of Tools.

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