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CustomMade provides custom artisans such as woodworkers, metalworkers, glass makers and home remodelers, with the necessary tools to find a global audience for their services. Following the Internet’s fine tradition of porn, match-making, and of course adult match-making, seeks to connect two parties that would just love to meet each other, but in a much less naughty way in this case. Buyers and sellers finally find each other in the sea of data that is the Internet.

Arc Iron Creations Door Handles

One look at some of the galleries, and you’ll see this is the tasteful, artisan version of porn. Sexy woodworking curves, check. Taught ironwork close-ups, check. For artisans and other providers of custom services, CustomMade acts as a highly-trafficked gallery of their work, a local directory, and a marketing resource all in one. For consumers and members of the design trade, CustomMade is the primary online source for locating a custom maker.

Founded by CEO Mike Salguero and CFO Seth Rosen in 2009, CustomMade received an equity investment from a contingent of private angel investors. What does this tell you? Their business model is attractive enough that other people are willing to throw their money behind the concept. This is more than can be said of, but we’re in it for the fame, not fortune. That may change tomorrow though, once we become bored with the fame and groupies (please don’t mention the groupies in the presence of my wife, ok?). Anyway, CustomMade also attracts more than one million visitors a year. So if you’re a visitor, you won’t be lonely. And if you’re an artisan looking to sell on CustomMade, it’s a safe bet your work will get exposure, maybe LOTS of exposure.

David Frisk Door
Another thing I like about the site is the ability to target local artisans. I did a quick check of San Diego, CA. and stumbled across the work of David Frisk. If you have any doubt you can find some very talented people in your community, doubt no more. The image here is a door David Frisk created for a lucky client. The site is filled with some very talented folks like David. It’s a blast just browsing all the custom goodies you could theoretically order if your budget allows for that kind of thing. It’s fun to browse the custom products even if you’re not planning on buying. CustomMade, the artisans and the US economy in general probably prefer it when you buy stuff though. No pressure.

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