DeWalt DWHT66409 Screwdriver Set – A Little Vinyl Do You Good

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dewalt dwht66409

Over the decades, I’ve acquired a fairly large assortment of random screwdrivers. Unfortunately, when I need one to do some project at home, the chance of finding a suitable screwdriver is in inverse proportion to how important the task is, and how much of a hurry I’m in. A medium Phillips head? Nope, just 17 various standard tip and two Torx drivers. A small standard tip? Hmmm…where’d all these Phillips head drivers come from? Thus, I was disproportionately excited when a box arrived the other day containing an eight-piece DeWalt DWHT66409 Screwdriver Set. And yes, it IS possible I need to get out more.

dewalt dwht66409
New matching screwdrivers…Woohoo!

I’ve always been a proponent of getting the best quality you can afford, whether it’s a tool, a truck, or a cold beer. I’ve had screwdrivers that looked decent when I got them, but not so great after they lost chunks of the tip, or stripped out after several uses. None of the sets I’ve acquired over the years are intact, as some of the screwdrivers invariably get lost, “walk away,” or break after a little love tap from a hammer.

The screwdrivers in the DeWalt DWHT66409 set look and feel like quality tools. The vinyl grip on the handles is soft and comfortable, and the black oxide tips won’t chip off just because you’re trying to loosen a screw. An added plus for me is that they’re made in the USA. Here’s a little list of features and specs from DeWalt, followed by an exciting promo video:

• Tip identification for quick selection from tool pouch
• Vinyl grip handle for maximum comfort
• Black oxide tip for precise fit in fasteners
• Chrome-plated bar for corrosion resistance
• Color coded handle makes picking the right tip easier

Tip Styles and Lengths Included:

• Phillips: 1 Point x 3”, 2 Point x 1-1/2”, 2 Point x 4”, 3 Point x 6”
• Standard: 1/4 Inch x 1-1/2”, 1/4 Inch x 4”, 5/16 Inch x 6”
• Cabinet: 3/16 Inch x 6”

Getting A Grip On The DeWalt DWHT66409

As with many tools, it’s the little touches on the DeWalt DWHT66409 that make it a tool you enjoy using. A good example of this is the tip identification on the end of the handle. When you have two or more screwdrivers sticking out of a tool pouch, it’s usually a crapshoot trying to get the right one. The best screwdrivers I had before receiving the DeWalt set are a couple of Kleins. They’re great screwdrivers, but from the top are hard to tell apart. The DeWalt drivers have a pretty idiot-proof (thankfully for me) identification system.

dewalt dwht66409
Both nice screwdrivers, but easier to ID the red.

The top of each handle has a jumbo-sized symbol telling you whether the driver is regular or Phillips head. To make it even more likely you’ll get the right driver, they’re color coded: Red for standard, Blue for Phillips. The colors are easily visible from the top and sides of each screwdriver, making it easy to grab what you’re after. For someone with crappy vision, like me, the color coding and symbols will make life a LOT easier. Now if I can just find the screws…

dewalt dwht66409
The DeWalt DWHT66409 drivers make it tough to grab the wrong one…
dewalt dwht66409
Even when there are several to choose from.

More Than Just Pretty Colors…

As I mentioned, the vinyl handles are very comfortable. The end of the handle is rounded over, making it easy on the palm of the hand if a little extra smack or push is needed. Another helpful touch for those screws that need a little extra motivation is a hex bolster just beneath the handle on the two biggest standard drivers. The big Phillips head drivers don’t have one, for some reason.

dewalt dwht66409
There’s a hex bolster on the biggest standard driver…
dewalt dwht66409
For screws that require extra motivation.

Chrome plating on the shafts should go a long way in preventing corrosion. My Kleins have similar construction, and I’ve had them for well over a decade with zero corrosion. The black oxide tips fit well into both slotted-bit and Phillips head screws, and give great torque for tightening and loosening.

dewalt dwht66409
Chrome-plated shanks + black oxide tips = long life

I tried several of the screwdrivers from the DeWalt DWHT66409 screwdriver set, on various projects from removing hose clamps, tightening hinges, and working on electrical projects. I even used one to install glass hold-down clamps in a new kitchen cabinet door. It was nice to feel the secure tip-to-screw contact on that one, because a slip would have made for a very unhappy homeowner.

dewalt dwht66409
A slip of the tip would make the homeowner flip.

Who Needs The DeWalt DWHT66409 Screwdriver Set?

Admittedly, screwdrivers aren’t the sexiest tools out there, even though they’re brushless and cordless. They are, however, the one category of tool that practically everyone owns and uses, from homeowners to service techs to space shuttle mechanics. The screwdrivers in the DeWalt DWHT66409 set have the look and heft of quality tools, and it was a pleasure using them (like I said, I probably need to get out more).

dewalt dwht66409
The pouch for the DeWalt DWHT66409 set looks better than it works…

My only quibble with the set is the pouch that comes with it. It’s a roll-up pouch with elastic bands in it, that doesn’t do a very good job of securing the screwdrivers. Since I’d like to keep ALL of these sporty screwdrivers, I plan to be very careful to make sure the screwdrivers are well-secured when using the pouch.

Can you get cheaper screwdrivers? You sure can – I’ve tossed out plenty of them. The DeWalt drivers look and feel like they’ll last a lifetime, and the easy-identification features are a deal clincher for me. If you appreciate using a quality American-made tool, and you can keep them from walking away, investing in a set like the DeWalt DWHT66409 will make you see red – or blue – and like it. DeWalt has confidence these drivers will keep you screwing for years to come; they back them with their 90-day return policy and a lifetime warranty. Get a set, and make sure you have the right tool for YOUR next project.

dewalt dwht66409

Buy from the Home Depot at about $55:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

Or, Buy from ToolBarn at about $45:

Buy Now - via Tool Barn

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