DeWalt Express Folding Workbench Review – Gain 1000 Lbs. In Three Seconds

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DeWalt Express Folding Workbench

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. When I work on a project, I like to keep the crouching and kneeling to a minimum. And it’s not just because my knees are shot from years of crouching and kneeling. OK, fine, it’s MOSTLY because my knees are shot from years of crouching and kneeling, but it’s also because it’s just more efficient and comfortable to work from a comfortable standing position. I’ve set up many a temporary work station using a pair of sawhorses and a chunk of plywood. It gets the job done, but it’s not always super stable, and it’s a pain in the neck lugging around two sawhorses and a sheet of plywood. I much prefer a work surface that has decent work space, is beefy enough for the job site, is easy to schlep back and forth, and doesn’t take up a ton of valuable storage space when it’s not earning its keep. If you have similar aspirations, and three seconds to spare, read on, and we’ll show you how the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench can help you get a half-ton of work within easy reach.

The DeWalt Express Folding Workbench, ready to save your knees.

With its roomy flat top, the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench has plenty of room for tools and supplies. With a load capacity of 1,000 bs., you’d have to be pretty determined to overload it, and the design makes it easy to find a way to clamp work pieces to the table. Here’s the official feature list from DeWalt:

• Versatile clamping compatible with trigger clamps, allowing to carry out all clamping applications
• Quick setup and folding less than 3 seconds
• Metal legs support up to 1,000 lbs.
• Large work surface enables various user applications
• Opening handle can be use as tool hanger
• Folding product allows compact storage
• Genuine DEWALT product

The DeWalt Express Folding Workbench, By The Numbers

Let’s take a look at how much space the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench provides – and how much it consumes when it’s idle. When the table is set up, the work surface is roughly 24” x 33-1/2”. The steel handle extends out a few extra inches, and makes a handy spot to hang some clamps or other tools, or a shop rag or two.

The DeWalt Express Folding Workbench has decent surface space, and plenty of load capacity.

The work surface is just under 31” off the floor. At 6’2”, I’d like it to be a bit higher, but it’s not bad, and it’s the perfect height for working out of a paint can. And it beats the heck out of working off the floor or ground!

Next up in our numerary rundown are 4 and 31. That’s how many openings there are in the top and sides of the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench, which can be used to help secure tools or work pieces to the table. There are four slots, about 6-1/2” long, that will accept clamps to hold your “stuff” down. Small clamps fit easily through the slots; larger clamps might need the ends popped off, so you can slide the bar through the slot and then re-attach them. Clamps can also be attached at almost any point around the perimeter of the table.

DeWalt Express Folding Workbench
The table provides lots of options when it’s time to clamp down.

The other 31 openings in the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench are ¾” holes. Mere mortals such as myself might wonder why the heck you’d punch 31 holes in a nice, perfectly smooth work table. The woodworkers in the crowd know exactly why. All those holes can be used to insert bench dogs or a specially-made hold-down clamp to keep your work piece held snugly in position.

31 holes make it easy to unleash the bench dogs…
Or insert a special hold-down clamp.

Our final digit is 4-1/2. Actually, I guess that’s a digit and a fraction. At any rate, that’s how thick the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench is when it’s collapsed, making its storage dimensions 4-1/2 x 24 x 33-1/2”. That’s pretty compact, and the table can be hung by its handle, or stored on an edge, where it’s very stable.

The work table shrinks nicely for storage or transport.

The DeWalt Express Folding Workbench – A Slacker’s Nightmare

Toolmakers are fond of hyping their products as the most powerful, most compact, most flattering to your waistline, etc. One of the claims made for the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench is that it can be set up or collapsed in under three seconds. I’ve seen similar claims for other work tables and sawhorses, many of which, to put it charitably, overstated their capabilities.

It turns out my skepticism was unfounded; the table sets up and tears down very quickly and easily. Just push in the yellow button and pull out the table extension to set it up, or push in the button and push the handle back in to collapse it. Here’s a short video we made showing how fast and easy it is to set up and collapse the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench:

Bottom line: If you’re the guy on the crew responsible for getting the work station set up in the morning, you’ll have a hard time justifying why it took 15 minutes. On the bright side, when the work day is done, just grab the yellow handle, and you’ll be outta there like a black and yellow flash.

A yellow (what else?!) handle makes the table easy to schlep.

Putting The DeWalt Express Folding Workbench To Work

Over the past three weeks or so, I’ve used the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench on several projects. First up was painting a set of French doors. The table was the perfect height to hold the gallon of paint, along with some razor scrapers for tidying up the panes of glass afterwards. The table was very stable, and super fast and easy to tear down and stow between coats of paint. Naturally, I managed to christen it with some dribbles of paint, so now it looks like a real work table.

DeWalt Express Folding Workbench
The DeWalt Express Folding Workbench is the perfect height for painting projects…

The table also came in handy as a work surface to hold joint compound and taping knives while taping and mudding a small mud room addition. It was nice not to have to stoop down every time another load of compound was needed.

Easy-access mudding…

To provide some dust to keep the paint drips company, I used the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench to sand some oak door trim. Again, the table was very stable, and the handle extension was useful as added support. At times, I used clamps to help hold the oak in place, and it was easy to get them in position.

It also made a great sanding station.

Time To Put Your Money On The Table?

Having your tools available at a comfortable working height is a nice time saver – not to mention a back and knee-saver. I love the instant gratification of just popping the legs out to create a sturdy, sizeable work surface, rather than dragging out sawhorses and a chunk of plywood. The DeWalt Express Folding Workbench is very well thought out, and serves as a very solid, sturdy work surface.

DeWalt Express Folding Workbench
Three seconds or less is all it takes to pop out the sturdy legs.

The DeWalt Express Folding Workbench would likely be a welcome addition to the tool collection of anyone who works at a variety of job sites. Its ease of use, sturdiness and compact storage requirements would also likely make it a favorite of any serial DIYer or homeowner. It’s definitely a new favorite of mine.

In addition to the table’s usefulness for contracting or woodworking projects, the table’s potential uses are limited only by your imagination. Tailgating, potting plants, a work platform for lawnmower blade sharpening and oil changes, a workbench for holding tools while working on the tractor in the barn, or the truck in the driveway. Yard sales, kids table at family functions…hey, YOU figure it out!

Clamp it here, there, wherever…

Having been available for a couple of years, the DeWalt Express Folding Workbench has racked up over 660 reviews. They’re overwhelmingly positive, with an overall rating of 4.7 / 5, and 95% of owners recommending it. DeWalt has demonstrated its confidence in the indestructibility of the workbench by backing it with a limited lifetime warranty. The Home Depot’s return policy gives you 90 risk-free days to set ‘er up, pile 1,000 pounds of whatever on it, and then quickly fold it back up. If you’re fond of YOUR knees, take three seconds to grab your wallet, and head over to the Home Depot to try one out.

Go on – you know you want to!

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