DEWALT Universal Attachment System Has a Universe of Uses

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DEWALT Multi-Attachment System

The days are getting longer, the grass is starting to grow, and soon you might even feel the familiar tingling of allergies start to edge their way back into your life. Speaking of which, maybe this year you’ll finally give your driveway edges the line-up job that they so deserve. With all the shaggy overgrowth onto the concrete, it might be reminiscent of a teenager in need of a haircut. With the new DEWALT Universal Attachment System, you’ll be able to edge your driveway, amongst many other tasks. We’ll learn all about it in this installment of Tool News Nirvana.

DEWALT Universal Attachment System – Right for Every Job

DEWALT Universal Attachment System
DEWALT Universal Attachment System: Trim hedges, then trim grass, then trim edges. A Haiku.

If you’ve got anything larger than a typical suburban-sized yard, or anything with lots of vegetation, you’re familiar with the amount of work it takes to maintain. In addition to a lawnmower of some type, you’ve also likely got a string trimmer, edger, pole saw, hedge trimmer, and blower. If your yard is particularly wooded, maybe you’ve even got a dedicated brush cutter. Now, instead of owning up to 6 individual tools, the DEWALT Universal Attachment System makes it possible to own just one powerhead with 6 modular, specialized attachments. It’s a competitor for the similar Milwaukee Quik-Lok system we reviewed some time ago.

DEWALT Universal Attachment System
Blow away your yard chores.

DEWALT Universal Attachment System – Base Tools

DEWALT Universal Attachment System
Edger base tool kit for the DEWALT Universal Attachment System.

The official name for this time-saver is the 60V MAX* DEWALT Universal Attachment Capable System. Basically, you buy either the string trimmer kit (DCST972) or the edger kit (DCED472) to start with. Kits include a powerhead (housing the brushless motor, battery connection, trigger, D handle, etc), either a trimmer or edger attachment, and a FLEXVOLT® 9.0 Ah battery + charger. You could also choose to get bare tools (no battery) if you’re already on the FlexVolt platform.

After you’ve procured a base tool, you can add any (or all) of the available attachments. Here are some basic specs:


DEWALT Universal Attachment System Trimmer
15-In./17-In. swath with .080-In/.095-In. line
QuickLoad™ Spool Head for easy line loading
Up to 47 minutes of no-load runtime


DEWALT Universal Attachment System
7-½” hardened steel blade
Adjustable blade depth up to 2-½”
Part Number DWOAS4ED

Hedge Trimmer

DEWALT Hedge Trimmer
22” dual-action blade
135-degree articulating head angle adjustment for comfort
¾” blade gap for cutting thicker branches
Part Number DWOAS8HT

Pole Saw

DEWALT Universal Attachment System pole saw
8” bar
Auto-oiling capability, for cutting performance
Includes extension pole and branch hook
Part Number DWOAS6PS

Brush Cutter

DEWALT Universal Attachment System
8”, 4-tooth steel blade
Die-cast gear box for durability
Part Number DWOAS5BC


Universal Attachment System Blower
Axial fan for high air volume
Adjustable concentrator nozzle
Part Number DWOAS7BL

DEWALT Universal Attachment System
DEWALT Universal Attachment System: Click it and rip it.

DEWALT Universal Attachment System – Let FLEXibility Reign!

What we really like about the DEWALT Universal Attachment System is the modularity. It allows you to add (or jettison) attachments as your yard situation changes. Let’s say you get a bigger house with a long driveway and lots of trees. Add the edger attachment and the pole saw attachments. What if the yard care business that you own picks up a new millionaire client with a palatial estate. Add the hedge trimmer to your arsenal. What if you downgrade to a condo with limited lawn care needs? Sell everything except for your blower. Coupled with the fact that there’s no engine, oil, gas, or exhaust to deal with, this new group of tools from DEWALT is bound to increase your enjoyment of yard care.

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