Erase-A-Hole – It’s Good But Not Your Fantasy

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erase a hole

We were very excited to see a product called Erase-A-Hole on the market. Could it really be so easy? This thing looked like a stick of deodorant, which means you could pretty much carry it anywhere.

Erase-A-Hole comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Dude butts in line at the grocery store: Erase-A-Hole. Woman steals your parking spot: Erase-A-Hole. The intern eats your Activia from the office fridge: Erase-A-Hole. Rush Limbaugh opens his mouth: Erase-A-Hole. Oh, the possibilities.

The True Use of Erase-A-Hole

Then we realized the “A” in Erase-A-Hole wasn’t standing in for a naughty word. Sigh. At least we managed to tag various jerks with streaks of plaster. Instead, Erase-A-Hole is there to help you tackle small cracks, nicks and holes in your walls. Rather than mix a pail of drywall mud or pull out the plaster and putty knife, all one needs to do is take this stick and smear it on the offending wall. We need to stress that this is for small holes only (like the kind nails or screws leave behind) – anything larger would need mesh tape and some plaster or drywall patching goodness.

erase a hole
Made in the USA – but use it in any country!

Besides being convenient and clean, Erase-A-Hole works on drywall, plaster and wood and requires no drying time. You can pick them up for around $10 a stick.

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  1. Hey Jen, piece of advice, don’t go down that road of knocking somebody you don’t like in your website! Just because you don’t like Rush Limbaugh doesn’t mean all of your readers feel the same way. Wise cracks about another person will usually blow up in your face.


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