EZ Shim – Simple As It Sounds But Still Tough As Nails

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I have always loved the EZ things in my life: EZ Pass, EZ Cheese, EZ Bake Ovens, EZ Knitter and so on. Then, here comes EZ Shim, and, as the saying goes, I’m about as happy as a fly swarming an outhouse (is that an actual saying?) Anyway, the EZ shim and its line of products takes the guess work and slop out of shimming objects. Unlike cedar or pine shims which need to be scored and broken, the EZ shim is pre-scored and easily snaps at the desired length. These shims are also made of composite plastic and can withstand nearly four times the pressure of their wooden counterparts. Perhaps the sweetest thing about the EZ shim is the variety. 

EZ shim has three different types of shims for different jobs. This definitely beats the one size fits all wooden shim style.  First is the original EZ Shim (as seen above). Like its wooden ancestor, it is a long slender plane that, as mentioned before, is pre-scored and can hold ballpark 8000 lbs. (not to shabby for a recycled soda bottle). These can be used for any use that a typical shim could be used with. Since it is made of plastic, it also can be used for exterior projects and is completely rot and mold resistant. We’re talking about outlasting even cedar shims.

Then there’s the newest creation, the Johnny Shim, which as you may guess, is for shimming your toilet and not your fat Uncle Johnny. Composite and pre-scored like the EZ shim the Johnny shim is marked at 1/32″ segments and has a special developed curve in each segment for the toilet (or sink or if you’re livin’ large – a bidet) to sit and lock on to. This creates a level and secure John that won’t rock ‘n’ roll even when you are.

Finally there’s the Quick Align Hinge Shim for shimming door hinges, which may be my favorite, since I live in an old house and every door sags and catches. Typically, when I’ve shimmed doors in the past I’ve either used several shims to get a perfect alignment, used one somewhat cattycornered, or as their website seems to sneer at; used cardboard. Supposedly cardboard is not structurally sound. However, the Quick Align Hinge Shim is shaped like a… gasp… hinge. I know, it’s completely groundbreaking innovation. And to think that we went to the moon nearly 50 years ago sans this level of technology. Installation is a breeze, and you don’t even have to remove all the screws from the hinge. There is a slot cut to slide around the middle screw of the hinge. Simply remove the top and bottom screws and back out the middle screw part way.

Even better, the Hinge Shim comes in a sheet so if you need more than a 1/16″ of an inch, all you have to do is fold it and the holes stay aligned. Houston we have a solution! The Hinge Shim comes in three different colors and three different sizes to match most hinge and trim styles.

To find out more info check out the EZ shim Website or buy the full range of EZ Shims, starting at just $2, straight from Amazon.

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