Immaturity Reigns With The FastCap FLEX Screw Bag

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HomeFixated sponsor, FastCap, is a favorite of ours for all kinds of reasons – none of which have to do with them advertising on the site (well, that is a reason to like them, of course – but our love goes beyond the almighty dollar). We like FastCap because it’s a company that listens to its customers and works to be a problem solver for all kinds of tool, renovation, restoration, building and around-the-house projects.

That said, I have to make fun of the name of one of their products and I hope they don’t punish us for it.

It’s called the Screw Bag. Need I really say more? Those of us with dirty, junior high-level minds can just let that name and the eventual visual sink in. I have a feeling that a few of you are capable of coming up with a truly hilarious and awkward and horrible idea of what a Screw Bag is and I won’t try to compete with that. Just know that I’m giggling along side with you.

For the adults out there (presuming they’ve stayed with us), I’ll get to the real information about this Fastcap product. The Screw Bag, which actually goes by the full name of a FLEX Screw Bag, is a heavy duty ballistic nylon bag that lets your store and organize your screws into six compartments. The large 1″ identification circles allow you to write the screw size with a sharpie or a pencil and apply them directly to the corresponding compartment flange. Of course, you’re not limited to screws – nails, bits and any other little thing can be used with this bag as you like. Handy, eh?

Here’s a video that shows you Fastcap’s Screw Bag in action – and yes, this YouTube clip is totally safe to play in front of small children:

The FastCap FLEX Screw Bag is available for $25 and is good for both a laugh and all the functionality it was designed for.

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2 thoughts on “Immaturity Reigns With The FastCap FLEX Screw Bag”

  1. You know, FLEX screw bag is even funnier. I love the concept, which is far superior to the little glass jelly jars of random screws (sorry) that I have in my garage. I’m seeing a future for this product as a birthday gift for certain people on my list who could use it.


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