FastCap Screw Wax – Makes Screwing (Into Wood) Quieter, Easier and Faster

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Fastcap Screw WaxScrewing: Everyone has his own approach and preferred method. For those of you who don’t often get the opportunity to do it, slow and steady might be just the ticket. You know – you want to savor it – no need for speed. But, some of you are regular screwing machines; day in, day out power-screwers. Well, for all the guys out there who are just plain worn out and frankly, drained from screwing their brains out, I have three words for you: call me sometime FastCap Screw Wax

When you’ve reached the point that your foremost thought is, “If I gotta screw one more f&$%^*g…”, then it’s time to change up your game. FastCap Screw Wax is perfect for any job involving major and repetitive screwing. It lubricates pins, bolts screws and ummm…other items that need to penetrate wood and…stuff. It also reduces torque for a much smoother…insertion experience. And, less torque means less noise. Screw away to your heart’s content without disturbing the neighbors, (or the kids!)

You can find FastCap Screw Wax for just under $5 on Amazon, where you’ll find additional Fastcap products, which include all kinds of cool tools, gadgets and other do-dads.

Happy screwing – I’m off in search of a cold shower and a cigarette.

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Liz is a professional, custom picture framer based in Central New York. She and her contractor husband are currently renovating their second home together. At the time of this writing, they are not on speaking terms. Her love of making stuff with wood and DIY home projects began by watching her Dad. (It was also around this time Liz's incessant use of "colorful language" took root.) She's an avid gardener, stellar cook and doesn't throw like a girl: an all-around rad chick.

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6 thoughts on “FastCap Screw Wax – Makes Screwing (Into Wood) Quieter, Easier and Faster”

  1. Tip when working and need to cut a round hole and need to make varies size holes i use a blade from my recprocating saw find the center. Drive a nail through hole in end of blade and stick pencil in teeth to draw hole. Need it a hair larger or smaller next tooth over. Works great and you already have one in most cases.

  2. This product is a petroleum base and will not rust. Also have used on tip of phillups heads to help hold small screws on when working in small spaces

  3. The only concern with using other stuff for screw lubricant is that it might rust the screw, which can be unsightly. The guys that I worked with used to have a tube of “screw giz” (pronounce that with a hard G), which I wasn’t ever sure exactly what it was (they said that you don’t want to know). I’ve always been happy with Fastcap stuff, and I’m sure they did a good job with this.

    Bee’s wax and tallow are other more traditional lubes that are used for this sort of thing.

  4. Plain old bar of soap works too. Might not be engineered specifically for the task, but $0.99 will get you a bar big enough to drive a brazillian screws. I use that trick all the time, especially for the tiny ones that strip their heads if you so much as look at the funny.


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