FastCap Skins Gloves Review, Like A Second Skin

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fastcap-kaizen-skins-glovesFastcap Skins Gloves are my new favorite pair of gloves. And not just because FastCap is one of our new sponsors for 2010! Up until recently, I often reached for the rubber/cotton blue gloves you can find at big box stores everywhere. The only problem is, the rubber on those gloves is super thick. Like many men who practice safe gardening, when I wear anything with rubber, I like it thin, otherwise you lose all that great gardening sensation. See where I’m going with this?

Sure, the thick blue gloves have extra protection, but I personally prefer better dexterity and sensation for most of my glove-laden projects. The FastCap Skins Gloves have more great features too. For one, they are black. Color alone makes them way cooler than some of those other more frou frou Nitrile coated gloves out there. If I’m doing gloved work around the house, I don’t want my hands to look like they belong to Smurfs. Nothing against Smurfs, I just don’t want to look like one.

FastCap also thoughtfully color-coded the material according to size, (handy if your home or worksite has multiple people using different gloves). They even printed L and R on the left and right gloves so you can glove yourself quickly when the need arrises. No one likes to fumble with rubber things when there’s an urgent need to put them on. They can even be machine washed more than once without disintegrating.

I most recently used mine when carrying a large custom mirror I really did not want to drop. Sweaty hands would have normally given me a 50/50 probability of dropping the mirror. With the FastCap Skins Gloves, I suddenly felt like my hands achieved gecko-gripping status. Super secure grip, yet I could still feel the mirror precisely.

FastCap has their Skins Gloves available in your size for a ridiculously reasonable price of $5 a pair.

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5 thoughts on “FastCap Skins Gloves Review, Like A Second Skin”

  1. I actually used these on a tile project, and they were fantastic. Gave me a bit more grip to move set tiles around and the best part is that they are lightweight and breathable. Regular nitrile gloves tear and get all sweated up inside. These were awesome – lots of dexterity with them, as well. They were fabulous when using the wet saw.

    • Hi Sadie. Thanks for the comment! The nitrile on these is pretty thin (which is what makes them very tactile). I haven’t used them on thorny plants, so I don’t have any direct experience. However my guess is that they would provide relatively minimal thorn protection. For hands-on thorny stuff, I’d say thick leather or maybe even kevlar will give you the most protection. If you find a solution you like, please come back and share! Thanks again for being part of the HomeFixated community!


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