Install Solo, And Get The Upper Hand From Fastcap

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Upper-Hand-HD-FastcapLet’s face it, the United States is full of rugged individuals. Rugged Individuals that might benefit from Fastcap’s Upper Hand HD Upper Cabinet Installation supports. Like many men, I am afflicted by a hatred of asking for help, especially for manly work like installing cabinets. I even resist asking for help when I put the entire project in physical jeopardy.

The easiest way to visualize this is with the great Dr. Seuss book, The Cat In The Hat. For those of you without toddlers, I’ll provide a visual refresher of the story here: a fun-loving cat performs a home-invasion on two kids whose parents are conspicuously absent. To prove how much fun he is, the cat balances more and more beloved household goods on various parts of his body. Eventually, he’s got half the house balanced, and he’s bouncing on a ball on one foot! Sounds precarious right?!

I have been known to perform similar acts of derring-do during particularly challenging installation projects. Most rational people would use two or more people for this kind of thing. At the risk of providing a spoiler, things went well for the Cat In The Hat. . . . initially. Eventually he fell, breaking stuff and really pissing off a fish. For the conclusion of the story, you’ll need to read the book, because it’s totally unrelated to Fastcap’s Upper Hand HD product.

Usually when I’m at that “bouncing on a ball balancing stuff” point in the project, a little voice in the back of my head says “You really should have a second person for this.” I typically hear that voice right before something falls and breaks. Fastcap hopes to change that voice to “You should really use your handy Fastcap Upper Hand kit for this.” So what exactly is an Upper Hand? It’s a handy set of braces, part of Fastcap’s 3rd Hand lineup, that adjust to various heights to help you hold things like upper cabinets in place while you properly secure them.

Each set of Upper Hands features two adjustable poles, and 4 feet (one attaches to each pole bottom, and one to each pole top if desired). The whole set comes in a handy nylon carrying case, complete with individual pockets for the four feet. Setup is super fast. Rough height adjustments are done using a ball-detent system to lock the poles at their desired height. I would have liked to see these in a design where the inner pole didn’t rotate, and where there was a visual indicator for what extension lines up with the ball detent holes. It’s a minor quibble though. As long as you don’t rotate the poles when extending them, the balls will pop right into place. Fine tuning of height is carried out with a simple pump action, easy to do with one hand. Once at the proper height, the Upper Hands will help you carry on with your work sans any annoying “helpers.”

So, for all you Cat-In-The-Hat-loving rugged individuals, Click Here to Buy Fastcap 3-HAND HD from for just about $40. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be reading this in November of 2009, you can win this Upper Hand kit and several more Fastcap goodies, in the November Free Stuff Giveaway!

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2 thoughts on “Install Solo, And Get The Upper Hand From Fastcap”

  1. I have the third hand and it saved my lunch hanging 16 ft. long 9 inch crown on 10-12 foot ceilings ALONE. I am certain they can handle cabinets with the greatest of ease. Thanks FastCap!!


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