Festool Media Event Coverage – From Germany!

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As I type this I am traveling at roughly 8/10th’s the speed of sound, over thirty thousand feet over the Atlantic. Actually, I think I’m roughly over Yuma, AZ at the moment, but “the Atlantic” sounds much more glamorous (no offense Yumans). I am relentless in my quest for coverage that might remotely be of interest to the Home Fixated community. That unquenchable thirst for the story (and tools!) is why I did not hesitate for a millisecond when Festool graciously invited me for a week-long media visit to their home turf in Germany. Well, that, and the promise of fresh, delicious, German beer.

Festool. It’s a brand that’s often in a class of its own. Even those that might proclaim to despise the company, secretly find themselves on the Festool website late at night, watching the slow-motion sequence of the latest Festool tool video on repeat. While there might be a few detractors out there, the Festool fanboys and fangirls make Apple fans look apathetic and disinterested. Serious Festool fanatics have wall-sized shrines created with stacks and stacks of neatly-nested Systainers.

So, where will this quest for a glimpse behind the navy blue curtain (with green trim) lead? Suitable titles might include “HomeFixated Editor Consumes Too Much Beer, Misses Festool Media Bus. Last Spotted in Portugal” or “Rogue Media Attendee Nudges Manufacturing Machine – Resulting in .00000001 mm Defect in a New Tool that Causes Mass Hysteria with Festool Staff”, “Festool Media Team Forced to Wear Lederhosen and Consume Beer from Containers of Exceptional Size”, or maybe just, “An Inside Look at Festool – The Tools, The Company, The People.”

One thing is certain. . . I will use my German language skills to my advantage. Germans typically assume there is not a single American that understands their language. As a result, they speak freely, confident not a word will be understood by any American in earshot. My covert plan is to play-up the dumb-American role, all while listening intently to the Festool team divulge one top-secret upcoming tool after another. The beer festival should help here too. Shhhhhhhhhh! DO NOT tell anyone at Festool I speak German!

My normal modus operandi at media events is to furiously tweet pics and video, usually live from the event. That will hopefully be the case this week with Festool too. However, a couple variables may thwart my efforts on that front: 1) Festool may have photo/video restrictions for some or all of the events. If that’s the case, stay tuned for photos of my media friends drinking beer and behaving questionably. 2) My iPhone might not like Germany. Although I have made arrangements to ensure coverage abroad, I’m not sure how smoothly that will go.

Regardless, check back on this post periodically May 4th through May 9th. Hopefully you’ll find some great Festool pics and maybe a short video or two below. Possibly some new Festool tool news too. Oh, and if anyone knows a good bail bondsman in Germany (or Portugal), please let me know in the comments below!

Festool Media Event Coverage – (Photos may take a moment to load)

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