Firm Grip Heavy Duty Work Gloves – Hit Your Workload With A Carbon Fiber Knuckle Sandwich

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firm grip heavy duty work gloves

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Over the years, one tidbit of wisdom I’ve garnered the hard way (which is how I seem to garner most of my wisdom) is that protecting your hands is a very good idea. If you’re like me, you only have one pair of hands, and they feel a lot better when they’re not gouged, blistered and full of splinters. Whether you’re schlepping lumber or concrete blocks for a project, or getting ready for a fight scene in the next Guardians of the Galaxy installment, Firm Grip Heavy Duty Work Gloves will give your paws a little extra protection – not to mention a touch of badass.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
The Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves, ready for lumber & concrete – or alien invaders.

Firm Grip Heavy Duty Work Gloves are primarily designed to protect the back of your hands, especially during those “oops” moments, like when the wrench slips and your hand smashes into the engine block. Or the gnarled face of an alien invader. There’s an extra layer of padding over the knuckles, along with little rubber strips attached to the back of each finger.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
The backside of the Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves is ready to protect your digits…
firm grip heavy duty work gloves
Little rubber strips protect the fingers…

But the feature most likely to inspire awe in your coworkers and adversaries is the carbon fiber knuckle protectors. Resembling black marbles embedded into the gloves, and highlighted by contrasting gold stitching, they add a menacing touch of bling to the Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves. And oh yeah – they also help protect your knuckles.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
But the real magic is in the carbon fiber knuckle caps.

The palms of the gloves are reinforced with a synthetic suede padding. It adds some protection to the palm side, and the material is fairly “grippy,” making it easier to hold onto tools or materials.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
The palm has extra padding, and a “grippy” surface.

The tips of the fingers are equipped with a “tech swipe” finger pad, which allows you to check those important texts, or search for just the right Spotify channel. Here’s the list of features from the Home Depot:

• Touchscreen compatible, save time without having to remove your glove
• Adjustable hook and loop wrist strap for a customized fit and rubber wrist tab for natural, easy pull on
• Terry cloth thumb strip for quick sweat wipes
• Machine washable for multi-use
• Synthetic suede design; reinforced patches on high wear points

A Hands-In Look At The Firm Grip Heavy Duty Work Gloves

I got the largest size available, which is XL. I like to get XXL when possible, since I have large hands. The XL Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves were actually pretty easy to get on and off, but they were a little snug, and I would have liked the fingers to be a bit longer. That said, the gloves are stretchy, and after having them on for a couple of minutes, the snug fit didn’t bother me. The hook-and-loop closure at the wrist kept the gloves in place well, and kept crud from falling down inside the gloves.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
The size XL gloves fit, but I’d love to see a size XXL…

For their first outing, I used the Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves while loading and unloading a pickup load of pressure-treated lumber. It’s always a good idea to wear gloves when handling that stuff. It’s frequently wet, and while the manufacturers claim the chemicals they use are “safe,” I’d rather err on the side of keeping that crap off my hands. I also like to avoid chemical-laced splinters. I didn’t get any while working with the lumber, and while the gloves offer fairly good protection, the sides of the fingers are very thin, so watch yourself…

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
The gloves have good protection for the palm, front and back of the fingers.

To give the Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves a little taste of nature, I brought them home. We have a couple of huge pin oaks in front of our house, and every couple of years they treat us to a massive acorn dump. This was one of those years, and over the past month or so, it has rained down literally thousands of acorns. I had picked up hundreds of pounds of them already, but still had a layer in the street, which had been compacted by vehicle traffic and frozen into a solid mass by snow and freezing rain.

I donned the Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves for a couple of fun-filled hours of chipping frozen leaves and acorns off the street. The gloves worked well for scooping up piles of frozen tree debris off the street, and the protection on the back side of the gloves saved my hands from scraping across the frozen, lumpy pavement.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
Scooping up leaves and acorns was way less painful with the gloves on.

The gloves also came in handy while installing a new truck toolbox. The flexibility of the gloves made it easy to operate the impact driver, and to manipulate the fasteners.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
The flexible gloves made it easy to work with tools and fasteners…

Tired Of Busting Your Knuckles?

Over a period of about three weeks, I used the Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves on a variety of projects. Some involved schlepping materials around; the gloves provided good grip and protection from splinters and scrapes while carrying large wooden pallets and concrete blocks. They also got a workout using hand and garden tools. The “tech swipe” finger works, too.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
Not as much fun without gloves…

Note: The “Heavy Duty” designation on the Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves refers to the quality of the construction, which seems very good. The stitching has held up very well, and the gloves have no rips or holes. “Heavy Duty” does NOT mean they are thick, insulated material. While I was installing the toolbox, the temps were in the low 20s, and the gloves didn’t keep my hands totally warm, although they definitely helped reduce the chill.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves
The gloves take the chill off, but they’re not really winter weight…

If YOU only have one pair of hands, and you’d like to reduce the damage from slamming your knuckles into immovable objects (or extraterrestrial villains), slide on a pair of Firm Grip heavy duty work gloves. Try ‘em on at the Home Depot, or order a pair. Judging from the online reviews, you may want to order a size larger than you normally wear. Your galaxy – or at least your knuckles – will thank you.

firm grip heavy duty work gloves

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2 thoughts on “Firm Grip Heavy Duty Work Gloves – Hit Your Workload With A Carbon Fiber Knuckle Sandwich”

  1. I wear gloves often. I learned long ago you can get much more work done wearing gloves than you can without wearing them. I use Firm Grip’s Trademaster gloves all the time. I love their flexibility, durability, and washability. One thing I’ve wondered, though: what in the heck is that little rubber patch on the inside of the wrist for?

  2. I love firm grip.they definitely help with moving materials in the cold short term but not too bad in the cold.but I haven’t tried the ones with the rubber on the fingers yet.ill have to do it soon


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