Fix A Sticking Door The Easy Way, The Adjustable Door Hinge

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One of the most cleverly useful innovations we found at this year’s National Hardware show was the Original Adjustable Door Hinge. Given the large number of people who can’t properly install a door, combined with the equally large number of doors that no longer work well due to settling, new flooring heights, and warping, there should be a huge market for a simple solution to sticky doors. Not everyone wants to fully remove their sticking door, and then plane down an edge, and then re-stain or re-paint that shaved edged. This was a widespread issue begging for a better solution. That’s where the Adjustable Door Hinge comes in.

A couple things really impressed me with these hinges aside from being marketable for just about every home in America. The first is that not only are they able to adjust up and down, but they can also adjust side to side. In order to fix a sticking door, you’ll need to replace all your door hinges with Adjustable Door Hinges. This enables you to effectively adjust the the angle of the door itself within the door frame. So whether it’s questionable carpentry skills, or a settling foundation (FYI, your house may be falling into a sink hole), the Adjustable Door Hinge can make your sticking door woes go away, easily. Naturally, there’s only so much the Adjustable Door Hinge can do. If you raise your floor an inch and then don’t have that much clearance above your door, even the Adjustable door hinge can’t help you. In that case it’s probably time for a saw or planer. I also asked Bill if square corner hinges are available (for those of you without rounded corner hinges), and he said they’re in the works as well.

The other impressive fact is that despite all the clever ingenuity and utility you’re getting with the Adjustable Door Hinge, their cost is very comparable to other standard door hinges. Bill details the pricing in this video we shot at NHS this year. It’s available in a whole slew of colors to match just about any decor (unless you’re into neon pink hardware). Stop pretending that door you hung isn’t out of whack and just replace it’s hinges. It’s then easy to pretend you installed it flawlessly. In fact, your significant other will totally believe you did an amazing door installation. I won’t tell anyone, and neither will your Adjustable Door Hinges. Available online at and via retail outlets soon too.

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