FootRests Wellington Work Boot by HYTEST Review

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FootRests Wellington Work Boot

As an Architect, I’m not on the job site all day every day, but I do spend a fair amount of my time slogging through the mud and walking through dangerous work zones. Most work boots look like work boots, not something you can wear in the office. So, usually this means driving out, walking back to my trunk and pulling out my beat-up work boots. Then slapping them on while doing a dance on one foot in a muddy gravel lot. Then doing it all in reverse on the way off the site. All while hoping I don’t lose my balance – which is not exactly US Gymnastics team material! Suffice to say, this has led to some soggy socks in the past. Does HYTEST have the answer in their FootRests Wellington Work Boot?

HYTEST Wellington
The new Boots have arrived and look great!

When HYTEST reached out to Home Fixated to take a look at their new line for Fall and Winter 2021, the FOOTRESTS® 2.0 CROSSOVER WATERPROOF NANO TOE WELLINGTON work boots immediately caught my eye. Since that is the longest name of a boot ever, henceforth they shall be called the FootRests Wellington Work Boot. I have been looking for a pair of work boots that can protect me on the job site, and look great back in the office as well. I loved the look and HYTEST sent us over a pair for review.

Dress Boots

I missed my calling as a foot model…

The look of these leather boots is really very nice for a pair of work boots. Unlike many others, they don’t go overboard with laces, rubber overmolds and other gear that makes them look mean. They just look like a nice pair of somewhat western style boots with a little more grip and sole than most.

I received the black version, which work with just about any attire. They also offer the FootRests Wellington Work Boot in Brown and the pictures of the brown pair look really sharp as well. Looks are a good part of why I wanted these boots, so they win in that category. The upper is made of premium waterproof full-grain leather, and it looks it.

Interior Specs

HYTEST Wellingtons
Very comfortable insoles – removable if you don’t like them.

On the inside, the FootRests Wellington Work Boot offer Moisture-wicking mesh lining with waterproof membrane and CoreTempTM temperature control lining technology. They also come with Removable FootRests® tri-layer, anti-fatigue footbeds. Xergy® anti-fatigue foam midsole absorbs shock and returns energy. I am not entirely sure how that all works – but let’s go with it!

I wore these boots all day long for several days to test all this fancy boot tech out. Unlike some other all leather boots, my feet did not feel overly hot or sweaty at the end of the day. Additionally, the interior soles offer great support, for heels pads and arch. I typically wear Dr. Scholls arch support insoles to help with my flat feet. When I took these out to swap them, the HYTEST insoles offered more padding and just as much arch support. I decided to stick with the Hytest and they are very comfortable.

Safety Specs

Super Grippy soles

HYTEST has a list of various items they rate each of their safety footwear on. These items are resistance to Oil, Water, Heat, Abrasion, Metal Chips, Chemical and Slip. In all but the Heat category, the FootRests Wellington Work Boot are rated by HYTEST as offering their best protection. In Heat, they still offer “Better” protection, so even that is enhanced beyond just the basic protections.

In general use, these appear to be very solid and protective boots. The toes and shanks appear well protected. The grip is good in varying weather and ground conditions, from icy to muddy to wet.

A few Spec’s from the HYTEST Safety Footwear website:

• Premium waterproof full-grain leather upper
• Moisture-wicking mesh lining with waterproof membrane and CoreTemp™ temperature control lining technology
• Removable FootRests® tri-layer, anti-fatigue footbed
• Xergy® anti-fatigue foam midsole absorbs shock and returns energy
• FootHolds® oil and slip resistant rubber outsole
• Cement Construction
• Xergy® Anatomical Last
• ASTM F2413-18 M/ I/ C EH
• Weight: 1lb 13oz

Booting Up with the FootRests Wellington Work Boot

HYTEST Wellingtons
Testing the waterproof claim – feet all dry after spraying them down (and power washing the front walk)

I’ve now worn the FootRests Wellington Work Boot on numerous occasions. From all day at the office, to various job sites. From taking the dog for a walk around the block to trimming some brush around the house. In that time they’ve been very comfortable throughout. They also continue to look great.

I unfortunately even had the opportunity to put the reinforced toe to the test. I was recently cleaning up the yard and testing the Ryobi Brush Cutter out. As you’ll know from that article, this is basically a circular saw at the end of a weed whacker. Suffice to say, it’s dangerous and you always need to make sure to wear the proper gear.

HYTEST Wellingtons
Giving the HYTEST boot more of a test than I wanted to!

In this case, I happened to be standing on rocks around the pond and trimming down some of our tall grasses that sat below. This meant the end of the brush cutter was closer to my body than it typically should be. I got a little careless and just so happened to hit the toe of my FootRests Wellington Work Boot with the full speed Tri Arc blade of the brush cutter.

Good news – I still have both feet and all ten toes! In fact, these boots didn’t allow any penetration of the blade whatsoever. The blades cut through the leather upper and were stopped dead by toe guard. Always use the right tool for the job – in this case, the FootRests Wellington Work Boots were the exact right tool. Our legal team strongly recommends you DO NOT introduce any cutting implements to your footwear, no matter how protective the footwear.

‘Tis but a scratch. Nothing but the leather upper was penetrated…whew!

Give the FootRests Wellington Work Boot the Boot?

Overall, these boots are very comfortable and look great. They perform as advertised and are tested in multiple categories to ensure your safety. And they should perform, as these are not cheap work boots. These are a premium product.

My only real gripe with them comes with putting them on. I have some mobility issues (back problems). This makes it harder for me to bend over. Typical work boots include a loop on the very back of the shoe. This allows for one handed installation of the boots on your feet. The FootRests Wellington Work Boot have grips on either side, and it’s impossible to slide it on with only one hand, as it gets out of balance. You need both hands and that makes it harder when trying to balance or minimize your bending.

The Verdict

That said, it’s a somewhat small gripe. Since I owe the continued use of my toes to these boots, I am really not going to complain. Overall, the look is great and the protection offered is amazing. I find that I can wear these all day. Whether I’m in the office or on the job site, they fit right in. And huge bonus, they keep me safe while looking good! If you find yourself in the market for a pair of boots that look good but don’t slouch on protection, the FootRests Wellington Work Boot might just be the right fit for you.

Finding Your Size

Good looking boots. Now I just need a pair in Brown!

You can find the FootRests Wellington Work Boot direct from the source online at the links below:

HYTEST FootRests Wellington Work Boot

Buy Now - via Amazon

Buy Now - via HYTEST

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