Gearwrench Bolt Biter Deep Extraction Sockets

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Deep Extraction Sockets

Let’s talk about extraction here for a little while. Extracting yourself from your chair after Thanksgiving dinner this year. Extracting yourself from a weird conversation at dinner with your uncle from Berkeley. The one that’s adamant about filling his Tesla with only the finest grass-fed, humanely raised, gluten-free, organic electrons available at the Supercharger outside of Whole Foods. Extracting yourself from a different conversation with your other uncle, who insists that he absolutely needs his F-450 because of its 6,000-pound payload capacity. Which he’ll never, ever, come close to actually needing. Extracting ourselves from what has been, for the most part, the strangest year we’ve ever experienced. It’s November now…we’re almost there!

Most importantly, though, extracting those rusty, rounded-off lug nuts from that hoopty in your driveway. Luckily, Gearwrench has a solution for that last one with its new Deep Extraction Sockets, and we’ll hear about them in this installment of tool news from Home Fixated.

Deep Extraction Socket
Gearwrench Bolt Biter™ Deep Extraction Sockets: The best thing to happen to nuts since roasting.

Bolt Biter™ Deep Extraction Sockets: Bite As Much As You Can Chew

Gearwrench’s popular Bolt Biter™ line of extraction tools just grew again. This family of products is marketed toward pro mechanics, who might have to deal with multiple rounded fasteners in a day. However, regular folks like us might find some use for these, too. Especially if living in a state where they use salt on the roads. The new Bolt Biter™ Deep Extraction Sockets are specially designed for easily removing worn-out vehicle lug nuts. Go figure, right? Kidding aside, these things incorporate some really great engineering.

Deep Extraction Sockets
Bolt Biter™ Deep Extraction Sockets: Nuts are a healthy part of these sockets’ diets as well.

They feature a tapered entry, so that it’s possible to seat them on damaged fasteners without hammering. They’re also slightly under-sized, to accommodate fasteners that are supremely worn down. The unique, bi-directional design provides 5x the gripping force of other designs. This makes it easy to remove fasteners, then re-use if needed.

Deep Extraction Sockets
Gearwrench Bolt Biter™ Deep Extraction Sockets: Laugh in the face of rounded fasteners.

Most importantly, these extraction sockets have a deep design. Ever have an issue trying to get any type of purchase on a fastener that’s buried deep in a wheel? Well, our friends at Gearwrench say, firmly, “NO MORE!” For convenience, they have a standard ½” square drive -or- hex base, so you can turn them with a wrench or pliers of needed.

Deep Extraction Sockets
Gearwrench Bolt Biter™ Deep Extraction Sockets: Multiple options for applying loosening torque.

Made from chrome molybdenum with a black oxide coating, Gearwrench claims these will have 10 times the life of competitive products. They’re available in 10 individual socket sizes or in either a 5 or 10 piece set. Look for them now.

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Shop 10 Pc Set - via Acme Tools

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