Green Glue Soundproofing Review, Ooze Your Way to Quiet

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green-glue-soundproofingOn a recent quest to better soundproof a room, I stumbled upon Green Glue soundproofing. Green glue is used between two sheets of common drywall or subflooring materials and can be used in walls, ceilings and floors. I would wow you with my scientific analysis of Green Glue, but the company that makes it beat me to it! Their web site is chock full of independently conducted scientific analysis about how useful Green Glue is for soundproofing. My summary of those tests: Green Glue works. I used Green Glue on both doubled-up ceilings and walls. While I was not able to do a before and after or actual sound testing, subjectively, the room seems quieter and less prone to low frequency noise. The laminated, but not double paned windows in the room are my weak link in the soundproofing. If the room was windowless, my guess is the green glue would really have worked wonders. A couple application notes: Don’t let your tubes get wet- some moisture snuck into one box and destroyed several of the cardboard tubes it comes in. That was definitely user storage error. Green Glue applies quickly and easily. It’s viscosity allows it to be applied (with a large sized caulking gun) much more easily than applying typical caulk for example. It squeezes out fast, which leads me to my next point. It is sticky stuff (thus the “glue” part of the name), so try to keep it off anything you wouldn’t want glue stuck to. It’s easy to get carried away creating modern Green Glue art on your drywall sheets. If you clean it right away, it’s much easier than trying to remove it dry. Green Glue is sold in cases of 12 tubes for about $180 per case. The Green Glue Company web site is also a wonderful resource for soundproofing in general. Green Glue can be ordered through Amazon for about $170 a case including shipping.

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8 thoughts on “Green Glue Soundproofing Review, Ooze Your Way to Quiet”

  1. Good information on your project here. A good reminder as well to customers interested in Green Glue that Green Glue can only do so much. If issues like doors or windows are avoided then the results will definitely be lessened.

    And Green Glue will for sure dispense from the tubes very quickly. So if the user is not responsible with the glue it will end up places you don’t want it. Clean up is not bad at all if done quickly, but if left to dry you will have quite a mess.

    • Hi Jack! That’s great to hear! It was a little sad when we ran into that storage/moisture issue with the cardboard tubes. Sounds like problem solved! Thanks for the update.


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