GoodSearch: One More Way You Can Help Habitat for Humanity

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It’s no secret that us folks at HomeFixated are fans of the charity, Habitat for Humanity.  This organization brings together volunteers, tradesmen and businesses to build homes for people who have had the carpet pulled out from under them (figuratively and literally). Those who get the homes also work right along side the volunteers to build it, so each home is an incredibly personal project for all involved.

A natural fit, and one we’ve talked about before, is volunteering your time and / or donating your remaining building supplies, appliances and tools at the Habitat ReStore. Another great way to support the cause is to buy the Habitat for Humanity gear to wear while you’re busy around town or the home.

Well, now we just stumbled across another way you can help, and all you have to do is lift your fingers a few times.

Because we know every good renovator, handy(wo)man and home owner does their research before diving into a project or buying a new tool (well, we hope you do!), there’s a good chance that you use a search engine every day. So what if, by the mere act of using a search engine, money went toward a charity like Habitat for Humanity?

Through GoodSearch, each of those clicks of the mouse will do just that. GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo and pays out its advertising dollars (from national, big companies) to a charity of the user’s choice. You select the charity, then get searching on the site. Ads will appear on the side (but we’re all used to that, right?). You find what you’re looking for just as you would normally, and at the end of the month, your charity gets a few bucks as a result of your clicking. No money out of your pocket!

If you’d like to support Habitat for Humanity via GoodSearch, click on the selected text or use this link: You’re of course free to select another charity to support, but give a few clicks to Habitat’s way as well, will ya?

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