Refresh Your Woodworking With Heartwood Carving Reproductions

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Do you know those hand carved fleur-de-lis corner block pieces that accent your door trim? Yours, not mine – I barely have door trim let alone carved corner blocks. But if I did, I’d definitely want to know that there was a way to preserve the intricate carvings even if time and 250 coats of paint had deteriorated the fleur in the lis beyond recognition. And there is a way, thanks to Heartwood Carving Studios

These guys can do just about anything with wood,  It may not all be by hand, but then again you won’t be waiting months or years to get the work completed. As their catch phrase “Old World Craftsmanship, New World Manufacturing” suggests, Heartwood Carving Studios manufactures many of the classic woodworking features that became iconic in years gone by – including the pineapple, American Star, columns and so much more.

Heartwood Carving Studios Will Reproduce Your Original

Perhaps their coolest offering is their reproduction service. Let’s say you take your aforementioned corner piece down, and of course its layered in paint, and the wings of your carved cherub look more like horns.  What are you to do? That’s where the Heartwood Carving Studios comes in. When you give them your piece, they scan it and create a digital copy of it. They can create the same  unique pattern for you, or even touch it up a bit. After your digital design is created, they use computer navigating tools to create a nearly perfect reproduction.

Applique Keystone-Heartwood
Heartwood even does applique keystones and plaques like this running horse

An added bonus to their service is the initial mock up that they create. This first run gives you a chance to check a real 3-D piece to guarantee that they have it right and you’re happy with it before they produce the actual pieces that you’ll take home.

Of course, you may have issues trying to install the new piece, since the accompanying woodworking still has 250 layers of paint, making it much thicker than the original wood.  Well, paint away.

So no more devil children and more cherubs greeting you as you come home.

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