HGTV Casting Call: All-American Handyman

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… and by “Handyman” they do indeed also mean “Handywoman.” “Handyperson” or “Handyone” just don’t have quite the right flow.

If you know how to swing a mean hammer, are a fan of HGTV and dream of one day becoming tabloid fodder, consider applying to the HGTV casting call for All-American Handyman:

HGTV is seeking charismatic, energetic, non-professional handy men and women to participate in the upcoming competition series, All American Handyman. Strong carpentry skills, experience with tools, creativity and excellent problem-solving skills are a real plus. The winner will be awarded a significant prize package.

Editor’s Note (January 2012)
HGTV is now (as of this date) casting for Season 3. The updated details are quoted below, followed by the original, and now outdated details:

All American Handyman, HGTV’s exciting “jack of all trades” reality competition series is currently casting for season 3! We are in search of the “go to” person when it comes to quick fixes; a problem solver, someone who knows a little bit about everything when it comes to handiwork around the house! If you are a highly skilled man or woman that has the personality and DIY knowledge to compete in a handyman competition, we want to meet you!

For more information on our additional open casting calls in LA, Denver, NYC, DC, and New Orleans- or to find instructions on how to submit a home video, please go to

To apply, visit the casting site directly to download the application form and the rules and eligibility requirements.

You can also find the All American Handyman PDF application directly.

You can e-mail your completed application form to, or print it out and send it via snail mail to the address listed near the bottom of the application form.

I personally think HomeFixated’s own Marc Lyman should take a crack at it – check out his video review of the Rockwell Jawhorse. The man knows his tools and can rock a black T-shirt better than Simon Cowell.

Good luck to all the applicants!

Editors Note 2:
We have closed comments on this post (many readers of this post unfortunately couldn’t tell we’re not HGTV and kept bombarding us with questions we did not have answers to). If you’re thinking about sending us an email like “I’m the most awesome handyman ever, you should totally audition me” or “My hunky husband needs to be on your show, his biceps are huge” or “When are you casting for the next show, I might be in that city during my next drug smuggling run”, PLEASE direct your inquiries to HGTV (that’s not us). Thank you!

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25 thoughts on “HGTV Casting Call: All-American Handyman”

  1. I;m just curious if there is going to be anymore casting for this show in the future? My husband would be great for this and I would love for him to be able to, at least, have the opportunity. Please let me know what we can do. Thanks!

  2. When is the next show and are you currently taking applications for a new show? I am really wanting to apply but just found out about the show. Can I use the same application that contains the 2010 dates? Thanks!

  3. I agree with Mike Wade, my husband is a licensenced contractor and I can’t count how many jobs he has had to fix for people that use a “handy man”.

  4. Just watched your show for the first time, I live in Columbus, Ohio and am the best framer/carpenter around would love the opportunity to show my talents! Self taught – framing over 25 years. Master Chef Carpenter! Known as the legend.

  5. Thanks for creating such a great show ! We are fans & I am entering my husband for your next show! He has a heart of Gold & true passion in his work as a contractor. He would be humbled & honored just to be a part of what you all do. My husband deserves a chance at this!!! πŸ™‚ keeping my fingers crossed…
    – Brittany

  6. Was wondering if this is a one time only show, or is this something they will be doing again that we could apply for? Does anyone know?

  7. In your recent series of All American Handyman both Mike Holmes and ScottMcGillivray were both wrong in criticizing one of the contestants who sealed his toilet to the floor with caulk. Sealing the bottom edge of the toilet to the floor is not only the best practice but is required by the UPC. In my state of New Mexico, if a new toliet is not sealed to the floor with silicone caulk it will not pass the final trim out plumbing inspection!! Please know your codes before judging contestants. Douglas Wills, Handyman POBox336, Corrales N.M. 87048

  8. My fiancee is the greatest craftman there is. He is outstanding. He can build anything and imagine the most beautiful pieces. On top of that, he is amazingly funny and has a world of charm. He would bet anyone on this show for sure.

  9. Do I still have time to enter for next years show?
    I am better than most of this years contestants.
    I am not a professional and never have worked in contruction.
    I work for New York City Transit for 28 years
    I am self taught.

  10. Hello Good Afternoon, I was actually watching an episode of this show last night with my husband Peter Sealy. HG TV IS IS FAVORITE CHANNEL. i would love to sign him up for the casting call (as an suprise to him of course) I believe We already missed the deadline. I would like it if you could send me any information regarding the next available casting call. Please contact me at

  11. If you ever have a show for professional handymen please let me know. My husband is a wonderful handyman and would be amazing on your show. I think this would be a great idea for next season to change the show up a bit. πŸ™‚ Thank you.

  12. Hi there my name is ed mainhart I live in middle river maryland
    and would love to try out for this show when I was 15 years old I started fixing things around my parents house from there I went into hvac, and now in the insurance buisness at the age of 42 could you please email me some information on how I could get on your show All American Handyman… Thank you eddie

  13. I have just seen an advertisement on HGTV for “All American Handyman” Show with Mike Holmes as 1 onf the host. I have a All Around Handyman right here in my house. He & I have done it all. From redoing the inside of our house( which incudes knocking down a wall that was the old plaster & slats & then we built columns for each end). He also made an old bedroo & totally converted it into a full bath w/a tub that has the jets (that FUN to set in!!) bulit the cabinet & counter top for the sink. And we laid the tile by ourselves on floor & around shower & tub. Those are just 2 of our projects. We have done many more !. My question is…..When is the next period when you are taking applications for the show. I would like to enter him into the show. It would be so awesome. He really can do anything from wiring, plumbing, building, etc. (He is a cabinet maker by trade) Oh and he does cars, too. πŸ™‚ Please email me at the email address above. We watch Holmes on Homes all the time. Thank you so much !! πŸ™‚

  14. I just think that it is quite amusing that for the “All-American Handyman” there are two headlining Canadians!!!!! That would be Mike Holmes, and Scott MacGillvary – WOW!!!! HGTV, who do you think you are kidding???

  15. hello everyone!
    I know so many people who think they have the all american handy man but get them down and dirty they fall apart. I have the upmost confidence in my dads ability there is no doubt in my mind that he is the all american handyman. At the age of 47 he will do circles around anyone i know. Very motivated with a huge reseme we need to give him a chance. I just cant take watchin him work so hard day in and day out without the reconition he deserves. Trust me when i say (this is the man who holmes would appreciate) Guarenteed! Please fill me in on any oppertunities like this in the future. I would put my life on the line to prove he is it.

    Thank You
    Steve York

  16. Hi all and thanks for posting on HomeFixated! We’re actually not affiliated with HGTV and have no sway or say in the casting … this post was just to pass along the word of the casting call when it was still open in March. Please contact HGTV directly with any follow-up questions. Thanks!

  17. I am so excited. My husband is the best handyman. Your all American Handyman. And bet he could give anyone a run for their money. I have friends whose husbands could never attempt all the things my hubby does. He can do it all, any task given. It is so amazing the things he can do, and yes he likes to do it right. He can’t stand folks who cut corners and avoid fixing or doing a project the correct way. He is handsome as well so what a plus. I am hoping somehow he will at least get a chance. We live in Oregon so I hope we haven’t missed the casting call. Thanks for brining another AWESOME show on. !!!!

  18. Hi my name is Rachel!

    My friend Aaron is an incredible handyman! Plus, he is in his last year of engineering school so that helps. He has redone the interior of a high end Chocolate cafe in Long Island. He is personable,energetic, brilliant and cute! If there are any last minute auditions please contact me through my email above. Thanks so much!


  19. I just saw the commercial for the shows premiere. I wish I would have known about the casting call. My father is an amazing handy man. Most of the furniture in my house, he made. Not only is he crafty with furniture, he built my the house I grew up in. He has also built some of the most beautiful homes in our city. Unfortunately we are from Orange Beach, AL and due to the Oil Spill he has become unemployed. Had we have known about the casting call this could have been my family’s ticket out of this disaster. Please let me know when the next season/casting call will be! He will be sure to wow everyone! πŸ™‚

  20. I just saw the advertising for the all american handyman, and do i have the man that fits that bill!!! My father has all the gadgets and tools and is quite the craftsman. My home has an array of oak products of his making and design. My daughter and i reguest something every Christmas that has been made by him. He is known in the shop as the jack of all trades from plumbing, heating to carpentry. I was so disappointed to see i have missed the deadline for applying and was wondering if you will be accepting any last minute applications or have another show later in the year that we could apply for!
    thank you for your time and love the shows on HGTV

  21. Dear HGTV staff,
    I am an eternal fan of many of the shows on HGTV. Quite often “Over your Head”, “Holmes on Homes”, “Professional Grade”, or “Yard Crashers” is on while I am planning my next project. I have always been inspired by the informatiion, and accuracy these shows provide for the general public. Many people in my family tell me that I could, and should be on any of your shows because of my knowledge and abilities in all areas of the building industry. I just saw the promos for All American Handyman, looked up the requirements, and found that the application dates are passed. Is there a chance that this is going to be a continuous series like so many others, and are you accepting applications for that?
    James Castagneto

  22. Hi All,
    I am curious to find out if you are accepting any additional persons in Staten Island, NY for All American Handyman. I heard you are filming now this month of June 2010. I looked into the application and unfortunately it seems that you had your interviews between March 2010 and April 2010. I have a very interesting man that could use a pick me up. This is exactly up his alley and I was hoping that you may let me know if you can suggest anything for him to try out for any type of position on this show. From Hosting to being a handyman he is entertaining, witty, handsome and well rounded. He really is quit the character and would be worth interviewing. Please advise if you think you may have a position for him. Or you can reach him directly 347-276-5140 or 718-420-1269. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance in this matter.

    Warmest regards,

    • i think that you missed the boat on this one. i have been called a handy man for over 30 years. and i did not like being called that due to the poor quality of people who do this type of work for a living. i personally have gone from lifting a home to hanging 50 picture frames in groups of five up a curved hallway. i do this for a living not for a spot on tv. maybe in the future you can have real pros on this show and you would be amazed at the creativity of the true professional handyman. mike wade

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