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What's This?The holidays are upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited about the food – I mean, family and friends. The family and friends who will soon be overstaying their welcome. Uh, I mean, visiting and sharing in the joy of the season! While I truly am excited about seeing friends and family, what I’m not excited about is putting on display the unsightly patches on our walls from years of changing out fixtures and wall décor. While I like to consider myself a handy lady, I’ve always balked at wall repairs. After ripping out closet shelves or replacing old toilet paper holders, I usually just wipe a smidge of spackle on the wall and call it a day. “Good enough – no one will notice!” says the DIY enthusiast everywhere with a to-do list a mile long.

However, with a revolving door of family and friends coming for the holidays, I felt it was time to finally get those areas fixed up because we all know EVERYONE notices the one spot you missed. So, when the opportunity to work with HOMAX® on this article reviewing their Pro Grade Wall Texture arose, I was as giddy as a girl on Christmas morning. HOMAX® Pro Grade™ Ceiling Textures

Wall before texture
Who would notice this?!

What’s so cool about HOMAX® Pro Grade™ Ceiling Textures? It takes all the intimidation and time out of wall repairs. The aerosol can is a game changer – no need to get a hopper gun or specialized equipment. The dual controls set the amount of pressure and the amount of texture with just a flick of the finger on the dials. Seriously awesome!

I chose the “Orange Peel” in the Oil-based version, because our walls were textured over existing wallpaper by the previous owners. I read somewhere along the line that oil based works best with wallpaper foundations, but the Latex-based would be fine for typical usage. Although Homax Wall Texture is touted as a “no-prime” product, on the off chance you’re going over wallpaper, you’ll want to make sure it’s primed with an appropriate primer before you start spraying texture. Ideally, you’ll be applying directly over drywall and priming won’t be necessary.

The can itself has a nice, professional feel and look to it. It’s well-made and has an ergonomic grip, great for even dainty, delicately manicured hands like mine (HA!).

Homax wall texture can
HOMAX® Wall Texture: Your new BFF (Best Fixing Friend)

HOMAX® Pro Grade™ Ceiling Textures – Getting Started

Safety note: Make sure your room is well ventilated. Bring in an extra fan if you’re working in a small space, and open all nearby windows. I also used a mask and goggles.

First up on the new texture list was my boys’ shared closet. Several months back, I ripped out their old shelf and rods and built some custom cubby shelving. As much as I like to lie to myself that no one sees the bad patch job behind the clothes rods, I see it everyday and it BUGS ME TO NO END. So here we go!

First, shake the can upside down for the minute recommended until you hear the ball bearings really moving around. I shook for just a little more, because I felt like I was getting a free arm workout. Bonus!

Next, remove the tab from the front of the nozzle, and the red safety tab on the dial. Save the red safety tab, you’ll need it for storing the can for future use.

red tab
Remove the red tab but save it for future storage.

I laid down a “drop cloth” (read: old sheet functioning as a drop cloth) to catch any offspray from my novice hands, but surprisingly there was none! HOMAX® Pro Grade™ Ceiling Textures actually turns you INTO a pro! Okay, nooowwww I get the name.

Applying the Wall Texture

I set the pressure to medium, and the texture to low. I did a test spray on a paper bag, and it was just the right amount of texture I was looking for.

Dual controls
Dual controls let you set amount of texture and amount of pressure coming from the can.

Just a few quick circular passes was all I needed to cover this piece of wall. I sprayed about 18 inches away from the wall in a continuous circular pattern. It’s actually fun, but don’t get too excited and spray too much.

Getting all patched up!

In less than 10 minutes I have a brand new wall! And most of that 10 minutes was spent looking for my drop cloth sheet.

The Finishing Touches to your DIY Wall Texture

The instructions recommend 15-30 minutes of dry time before painting. I waited half a day to get it touched up with paint. Not because it needed that whole time, but because I couldn’t find the touch-up paint in the garage. Why is most of my life spent looking for things that Past Me misplaced?

Tip: If you get some texture “dots” within the 6-12 inches under the main spray area, just wipe them up with a damp cloth before they dry. Otherwise they will dry a little rough to the touch, but even the rough ones clean up nicely with just a very light sanding.

light sanding
Enter Sandwoman.

After the first coat of paint, I lightly sanded it down to keep it nice and smooth, then went over with a second coat. Since this is a high-traffic closet, it will be touching a lot of clothes and I didn’t want any snags on delicate fabrics.

“Thing” was kind enough to come paint the wall for me.

Also, if you live in a hot climate like me in Hella Humid Houston, you may want to apply this in the morning or evening when it’s cooler/less humid. Since you will need ventilation, turn on the AC to keep the air dry. If you have issues with low pressure from the can, just place the can in warm water for 15-20 minutes then try again. Should be good to go!

That’s it! This HOMAX® Pro Grade™ Ceiling Texture really is a fantastic product, and one can will get you plenty of square-foot mileage. I touched up several small spots around the house, and there’s still plenty left for me to start on our bathroom remodel (next on that never-ending list we all know and love).

Homax Wall Texture final
Done! The newly textured area is a seamless match.

HOMAX® Pro Grade™ Ceiling Textures falls into the quick, easy and inexpensive category of DIY home repairs. Now that I know how easy it is to repair walls, I’m totally inspired to fix the messes I’ve made … and start a few new ones!

More Info - via HomaxProducts.com

This is a sponsored article written by me on behalf of HOMAX®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Totally agree, waste of time and money. Product looks awful on wall, blobs and drips. Followed instructions on can and suggestions on line.

  2. Shook can for over the one minute specified first can spit once returns can for another second can put most of texture on the floor. Wast of money and time.

  3. This is garbage. I shook the can well, but it came out in a blob. Tried to adjust the spray but the knob came off. Still garbage


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