How to Make a Very Succulent Easy DIY Display Shelf

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DIY display shelf

Today I bring to you a fun little project you use in any area of the house: an easy DIY display shelf! I keep seeing all those spring herbs and succulents everywhere, and that inspired me to make a “home” for them. This shelf has a clean, simple look, which allows your cute pots and plants to shine! Follow along for this step-by-step how to make a display shelf project and you’ll be displaying your succulents in no time!

This DIY display shelf would be great in the kitchen for small herbs, or in the bathroom as a low-maintenance succulent display. Or in the kids’ playroom as a small book or toy shelf. Or in your craft area for organizing craft supplies. You can make a trio to take up space for easy empty wall décor. The possibilities are endless, so let’s just jump right in!

DIY Display Shelf – The Cut List

2 – 1×6 @ 11” (sides)
2 – 1×6 @ 7” (bottom and back*)
*You can also cut 1/4” plywood to size for the back. Details below.

DIY display shelf make cuts
First make your cuts – two each at 7″ and 11″.

How to Make a Display Shelf – Our Awesome Instructions

First, make your cuts. Then chamfer the two sides by measuring in 3/4” from the top back corner and down 8” from the opposite side.

DIY display shelf cuts
Make this diagonal cut to both sides.

Attach the two sides to the bottom with nails and glue or pocket holes and glue.

DIY display shelf
Attach the sides to the bottom. Kinda looks Batman-esque at this point.

For the back, Option 1 is to cut 1/4″ plywood to size (8 ½” x 11”) and attach with glue and nails. This gives you a solid backing if that’s the look you want. And it has the added bonus of giving you deeper shelf space, since you’re not taking up that 3/4″ space where the cleat will go in Option 2.

DIY display shelf
Option 1: Full back from 1/4″ plywood

Option 2 is to use the second 7” cut of wood, cut it in half at a 45-degree angle, and use it as a French cleat. Attach to the frame using glue and nails.

DIY display shelf French cleat
Attach the top half of the French cleat to the frame using glue and nails.

Pro tip: Keep your projects separate from the kids’ spare lumber play pile, or your French cleat will look like this:

DIY display shelf kids
Please note: Get to your cuts before the kids do.

I tried to use the diagonal cutoffs as the back/cleat so there would be no waste, but I opted for the French cleat instead. But you could call this Option 3 if you like it!

DIY display shelf option 3
Option 3: The “no waste” way.

Paint, stain or add a clear finish (depending on the wood you selected and your decor preferences), and she’s all done!

DIY display shelf final
Ready for a fine finish!

Mount your new display shelf on the wall and show off all your fun, show-offy things!

DIY display shelf
Could it BE any easier and cuter??
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