How Husky Pro Tools Can Help You Get Organized AND Get A Grip

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What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. It pains me to admit it, but I’m not the most organized guy around. I’m probably not even in the top 1.4 million. I sometimes spend more time tracking down the tools and parts I need than I do actually completing the task. Keeping the tools and parts you need organized and accessible can save a LOT of time, aggravation, and – for pros – money. The folks at Husky make a wide assortment of Husky Pro tool bags and other products to help those with less-than-stellar organizational skills. Like me. We’ll take a look at three of them, along with a gripping look at a nice set of screwdrivers to stow in one of those sporty new bags.

Husky Pro Small Parts Organizer – Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

We’ll start out small, with the Husky Small Parts Organizer. Often in life, it’s the little things that can drive you nuts. Slow drivers in the fast lane, commercial breaks that are longer than the actual show, annoying politicians (yes, I know that’s redundant), small parts and tools all over the place. We can’t do anything about slow drivers or politicians, but with the Husky Small Parts Organizer, you can tame the clutter.

Made of sturdy canvas, the Husky Small Parts Organizer has six interior compartments and 13 compartments around the outside. The outer compartments are perfect for stowing small tools like utility knives, pliers, screwdrivers and the like. The bottom of the bag and the exterior pockets are reinforced with poly ripstop material, so it should hold up well.

husky pro
The Husky Pro Small Parts Bag can corral a fair bit of the small stuff…

At 10” wide, the bag is sized to fit perfectly into a standard five-gallon bucket. If you use the bag to store small parts, like fasteners or electrical connectors, you can stack three of them in a bucket. The specs say up to four, but that last one would be ridin’ pretty high…

husky pro
Still plenty of room in this bucket. Stack ’em up!

There’s a looped strap about 5” long in the center of the bag. This makes it easy to lift the Husky Small Parts Organizer into and out of the bucket. It could also be used to hang it from a nail or hook. A rip-cord closure lets you snug up the edges of the bag when your work day is done, to eliminate unintended spillage of all those small parts.

husky pro
A sturdy strap, for carrying or hanging the bag.

I noticed on some of the Husky tool bags that the front of the label said the item was guaranteed for one year, but the back mentioned a five-year limited warranty. That sounded about five times better to me! I was curious how many hoops you’d have to jump through to qualify, so I checked with a Husky customer service rep. I was told that to qualify, you just need to keep the receipt, or a copy of it. She recommended just taking a picture of the receipt and emailing it to yourself, and that would do the trick. The Husky Small Parts Organizer, like almost everything from the Home Depot, is also covered by their 90-day risk-free return policy.

• Made from heavy-duty canvas
• Reinforced poly ripstop pockets and bottom
• Web loop handle
• Rip cord closure
• 19 total pockets: 13 exterior, 6 interior
• Dimensions: 10 in. D x 6.5 in. H

Husky Pro 19” Hybrid Tote With Pro Tool Organizer

Next up, we’ll take a look at the Husky Pro Hybrid Organizer. Not your typical hybrid, it doesn’t need unleaded gas or a 3,000-pound battery to operate. Its “hybrid” capability refers to the included, removable tool organizer that fits perfectly into a sturdy compartment on the side of the tote.

husky pro
A two-fer – the Husky Pro Tote comes with the Husky Pro Organizer.

The robust build quality of the Husky Pro Hybrid Tote is apparent as soon as you pick it up. It measures 19” W x 12” D x 14” H, and feels fairly heavy-duty, with stiff sides covered in heavy-duty 1680D fabric. All the edges are reinforced, and the contrasting red stitching appears well done. And it looks good, too, which never hurts!

The main compartment of the tote is one large open space. It’s big enough to swallow up a LOT of tools; I loaded it up with a drill driver, an impact driver, a cross-line laser, an oscillating multitool, a framing hammer, a drywall cutout tool, a set of drill bits, a set of driver bits, a reciprocating saw, 15 screwdrivers, a laser measuring tool, and several other small tools. I could have added a couple more items, but there was no one around to help me lift it if I did…

husky pro
The main compartment on the tote swallows a LOT of tools…

There are several pouches along the sides of the main compartment, and a band of elastic webbing on one side, to help keep the small stuff in line. A small translucent zippered pouch near the top is a great spot to keep items like keys, chuck keys and blade wrenches, and small parts.

The space on the outside of the Husky Pro Hybrid Tote is put to work, too. There are three good-sized pockets on either side of the tote, and a clip to keep your tape measure handy. The tote rests on five large feet, keeping it about ½” off the potentially dirty floor or ground. The open top on the Husky Pro Tote is a bit of a mixed blessing; it allows you to carry oversized tools, but there’s no protection for the contents from dust or rain. A zippered flap that could be tucked out of the way would be a handy addition for the next generation.

husky pro
Extra storage on the outside includes pockets and a tape clip.

When it’s fully loaded, the Husky Pro Hybrid Tote might be pretty heavy. Luckily, there are a couple of good options to get it off the ground. A pair of padded carry handles make it easy to pick up one-handed. If it’s just too loaded up, or you want to share the fun with a buddy, a sturdy canvas handle on each end makes it easy to schlep.

husky pro
Sturdy padded handles work great for one-handed schlepping…
husky pro
And sturdy end handles let you share the fun with a friend.

The Husky Pro Organizer that comes with the tote is also sturdily constructed. It’s made from the same heavy-duty 1680D fabric, with dual lockable zippers to keep the “borrowers” at bay. Measuring 12 x 15”, the Organizer fits easily but securely into its recess on the Tote.

husky pro
The Husky Pro Organizer can keep smaller stuff from disappearing into the depths of the tote.

Inside the Husky Pro Organizer, a series of various-sized pockets and elastic bands help keep your tools in place. A pair of reinforced nylon handles make it easy to carry. A translucent zippered storage pouch, like the one in the Husky Pro Tote, is perfect for stowing small parts and fasteners.

husky pro
Sturdy handles let you look like a junior exec as you transport your pliers…

The Husky Pro organizer would be ideal for anyone trying to keep smaller tools organized and away from the jumble of items in the large tote. It would also be a back saver, for those jobs when you just need a few smaller tools, and don’t want to transport the larger tote. Service techs, IT people, and the like might also appreciate the fact that the organizer would provide great protection for a laptop or notebook computer.

• Constructed of heavy-duty 1680D polyester fabric, water-resistant material
• Reinforced edging prevents wear on all corners and edges
• 5 heavy-duty feet protect the base
• Large universal open center storage area for larger tools
• Includes tool organizer for organized, easy access to critical tools on-the-go
• Easy-access tape clip on outside of tote
• Dual truck handles provide quick carry or grab point
• Tote has 6 external pockets, 18 internal pockets and custom Pro Tool Organizer case slot
• Tool Organizer case has interior pockets and elastic straps designed to securely hold your tools in place
• Dual lockable zippers secure main compartment of Tool Organizer for theft prevention
• Interior zipper pocket for smaller items
• 10 additional interior pockets and 5 elastic straps to organize and secure tools in place

husky pro

The Husky Pro Tote and Organizer combo would be a great choice for anyone who needs a good assortment of tools to bring to the job site. It would be ideal for a handyman, a serial DIYer, or anyone doing punch-list work. The bags are rugged and well-made, and both are covered by Husky’s five year limited warranty and the Home Depot’s 90-day return policy.

Husky Pro Mobile Office Lets You Work Anywhere! Which Way Is The Beach…?

And now it’s time to move right along. And if “moving along” in YOUR world involves schlepping paperwork, a computer or tablet, measuring tools, or other work-related paraphernalia, you might want to take a peek at the
Husky Pro Mobile Office.

husky pro
With the Husky Pro Mobile Office, just buckle up and go.

The Husky Pro Mobile Office is a very sturdy cube, 16” W x 13” D x 14” H. The stiff sides and bottom are covered with a heavy-duty 1680D polyester fabric. The molded top has raised edges, to keep your “stuff” from rolling off onto the floor. The top also makes a handy little desk, for working on those crucial reports, or circling items on the take-out menu for lunch.

husky pro
The top of the mobile office makes a handy writing surface…

To help organize all the stuff you need to schlep along, the Husky Pro Mobile Office is loaded with pockets and pouches, both inside and out. There’s also a clip to hold a tape measure, and a couple of triangular metal rings. These could be used to clip a set of keys or other smaller items on, or to attach a carrying strap. More on the strap momentarily.

husky pro
Pockets and a tape clip on the outside keep items handy.

There are two mesh pockets on one outside edge of the Husky Pro Mobile Office. They’re the perfect size to keep a water bottle or travel mug of coffee secure and handy. There’s also a large piece of webbing on the rear side, to secure the box to your seat belt.

husky pro
The mobile office has a conveniently located coffee mug holder. And oh, it holds papers and stuff too…

There’s room inside the Husky Pro Mobile Office for an amazing assortment of items. There’s a large main compartment, and four sturdy canvas dividers. The dividers step up in height as they go back, making it easy to see what’s in there. I stowed a bunch of paperwork, and there was room for a fair bit more. I also tucked my full-size MacBook Pro in, and it fit perfectly.

husky pro
Room for all kinds of paperwork and miscellaneous “stuff” inside. Even a computer.

When it comes time to make your mobile office mobile, you’ll need two hands. There are two beefy canvas straps securely attached to the sides of the Husky Pro Mobile Office. It makes it fairly easy to carry, but it would be nice to be able to do it one-handed. Carrying straps are available for a few bucks, so it’s not a huge deal. The one thing I think would be a great improvement would be a pair of heavy-duty nylon carrying handles, like those on the Pro Hybrid Tote. That way, you could pick it up like a little mobile office suitcase.

husky pro
Locking zippers will keep the casual “borrowers” at bay…

Other than that, it’s a very well-designed, well-made item. I think it would benefit salespeople, real estate agents, home inspectors, or pretty much anyone who needs to travel around frequently with a bunch of “stuff.” My son, who is an architect and a project manager for a design/build firm, was eyeing it up the other day. Guess I’d better find a lock for those locking zippers.

• Reinforced edging prevents wear on all corners and edges
• Constructed of heavy-duty 1680D polyester fabric, water-resistant material
• Molded lid with raised edge keeps items from sliding off
• Dual lockable zippers for theft prevention
• 2 water bottle pockets, 2 covered pockets, 3 open pockets, 1 mesh pocket, 3 pencil slots and external tape clip for easy access
• 2 interior pockets and 4 interior padded dividers for holding your laptop, tablet and paperwork

The Husky Pro Mobile Office is backed by a five-year limited warranty. It’s also returnable for 90 days, so you get a risk-free opportunity to experience the joys of being organized everywhere you go.

Finally, Time To Get A Grip – With The Husky 15-Piece Screwdriver Set

Now that you’re all organized, you can finally get back to work and fix something. I’m not sure why, but screwdrivers seem to be the “tool most likely to disappear” from my toolbox. I’m sure my short attention span is responsible for most of the disappearances, but I suspect some of them get “borrowed” and never quite make it back.

I’ve also managed to render a few – OK, quite a few – of them useless over the years. Hey, if there’s no pry bar or chisel handy, a screwdriver makes an acceptable substitute, right? The folks at Husky can’t do much about the ones that got away, but they can make up for my occasional screwups. All the screwdrivers in the Husky 15 piece screwdriver set are covered by a lifetime, no questions asked, no receipt needed warranty.

husky pro
The Husky 15-piece screwdriver set is a nice assortment, at a great price.

And this is a pretty sweet set of screwdrivers. The set includes eight slotted screwdrivers and seven Phillips screwdrivers, in sizes ranging from itty-bitty to big honking. The handles on all the screwdrivers are a soft, comfortable, non-slip rubber. They’re very comfortable to hold, and they do provide an excellent non-slip grip, as demonstrated on the following video from Husky:

The blades on the Husky 15 piece screwdriver set are made of heat treated alloy steel for strength. They’re also plated with nickel and chrome, to help keep rust at bay. The shanks are square, in case you need to introduce a wrench into the equation for even more torque.

husky pro
The screwdrivers have comfortable, grippy handles, and sturdy square shanks.

Here’s the feature and spec list from Husky:

• Ergonomic handle for comfort and power
• Chemical-resistant, soft rubber handle provides a strong grip
• Heat-treated, alloy steel blade offers maximum strength
• Markings are easy to identify
• Nickel and chrome plated blade offers maximum corrosion resistance
• Precision formed tip ensures an accurate fit
• Lifetime Warranty with no questions, no receipt required.

Each screwdriver in the Husky 15 piece screwdriver set has the size embedded in the end of the handle, so it’s easy to grab the size you need. The included sizes are:
Slotted Screwdrivers: 1/8″x2-1/2″, 3/16″x4″, 3/16″x6″, 3/16″x8″ Cabinet Tip, 1/4″x4″, 1/4″x6″, 5/16″x6″, 5/16″x8″
Phillips: #0x1-1/2in, #0x2-1/2in, #1x3in, #2x4in, #2x6in, #2x8in, #3x6in.

husky pro
Comfortable, well-made, lifetime guarantee – what’s not to like?!

I used several of the screwdrivers from the set on various fasteners, both slotted and Phillips. When the correct driver is selected, the tips fit very snugly into the screw head; I had no issues at all with camout or stripping on any of the screws I attacked. I really like the feel of the handles, and the grip they provide is excellent. If you need some screwdrivers – for whatever reason – the Husky 15-Piece Screwdriver Set would be a great choice. At an average price of just two bucks apiece, they’re a bargain. And the no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee has you covered – no matter how overzealous you get. Just don’t lose ‘em.

Time To Tame Your Tools?

Hopefully this quick look at some organizing options has you inspired, and ready to adopt a more efficient and organized lifestyle. I am – at least as far as my tools are concerned. Using any of the three Husky Pro tool organizers we looked at would give a nice bump-up to the odds of having the right tools and/or parts along on your next fix-it mission. It would also make it easier to get at them once you get there.

The items we looked at are just the tip of the organizational iceberg. The Home Depot offers a wide assortment of Husky Pro tool bags and boxes, in various sizes and configurations. They’re sturdy, reasonably priced, and readily available at your nearest Home Depot store. Go take a look, and let them help you get your kit together.

Buy the Husky 10” 19-Compartment Canvas Small Parts Organizer for around $13 from the Home Depot:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

Buy the Husky 19” Pro Hybrid Organizer with pro tool organizer for around $60 from the Home Depot:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

Buy the Husky 19” Pro Mobile Office for around $50 from the Home Depot:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

Buy the Husky 15-Piece Screwdriver Set for around $30 from the Home Depot:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

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