InsOwall Eco Insulating Plaster: Another Layer To A Green Home

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Once upon a time, when someone would mention “plaster” or “plastered”, my tail would wag and I’d anxiously wonder what bar we were heading to and what marvelous hijinks I’d find myself regretting the next day. Now when I hear “plaster”, I think about the skills needed to apply gypsum smoothly to a wall. Oh, how fun this maturing thing is.

However, if you’re a homeowner, there’s plenty about plaster that you can get excited about and the InsOwall Eco Insulating Plaster is one of them. Like traditional plasters, the InsOwall Eco Insulating Plaster goes on smoothly and looks pretty similar to what you may be used to working with. It’s easy to mix, is fire resistant, water and weather proof, vermin and mould resistant. These are all things you should expect in a quality plaster – but the InsOwall Eco Insulating Plaster goes a few steps further:

  • It’s lightweight. In fact, it’s 83% lighter than standard plasters. No more heaving walls and ceilings!
  • It’s 70% more energy-efficient than any ordinary plaster. This means less heat is escaping your home. It will save you money and mother earth some carbon emissions.
  • It’s non-toxic, non-hazardous and made from eco-friendly materials. This insulating plaster is one important layer toward building a greener home.
  • Some other InsOwall Eco Insulating Plaster benefits, as stated on the Thermalite site are:

    • Does not contain expanded polystyrene (EPS) or other oil based synthetics.
    • Reduces heat gain in hot climates.
    • Allows buildings to breathe – prevents condensation problems and molds.
    • Can be applied at varied thicknesses from 10-40mm.
    • Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial uses.

    InsOwall Eco Insulating Plaster has been largely available to the European and Asian markets, but contacting the company directly would be the best way to learn about North American distribution of the product.

    Still not sure if this or any plaster is for you? Check out Marc’s article on plaster vs. drywall. You might get convinced!

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