ironclad Tuff Chix Gloves From Paige Hemmis- Go Ahead and Call Them Girly

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In our continued tradition of posting video from the 2010 National Hardware Show. . . many months after it actually happened. . . we bring you extremely rare coverage on Namely, pink stuff. We know some of you HomeFixated readers just love pink, but we’re just not into it. However if you’re open to experimenting with lighter colors, check out this video we shot on ironclad Tuff Chix gloves, brought to you by Extreme Makeover – Home Edition star, Paige Hemmis. By the way, she can totally pull off wearing pink. I could too, briefly, in the 80’s. And no offense to our ironclad friend Jeff, but sadly, the video does not include Paige Hemmis herself.

Let’s be clear though, the vast majority of ironclad gloves are not pink. In fact, most are some manly variation of black, grey or even camo.  They’ve got your typical work gloves, gloves for cold conditions, industrial/safety gloves and tactical/outdoor gloves. If you need gloves for any type of rugged purpose, you should probably take a close look at ironclad. In recent years ironclad has also branched out into workwear, which is designed using technical fabrics that reportedly last longer, breathe better, regulate body temperature, decrease odor, pull sweat off your skin, block UV radiation, and make you look 10 years younger than you really are. I made one of those up.

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Lastly, I would be remiss to not include a photo of the celebrity herself. Ironically, she’s shown here wearing those cheap rubber dipped gloves available at any big box store. Apparently this photo was pre-Tuff Chix. In the interest of: a) keeping HomeFixated totally professional b) not seeming like an sexist a-hole c) staying married, I will very carefully avoid the pitfall of mentioning she looks totally hot here.

If you’re into pink, or just pink-curious, you can pick up a pair of Ironclad TCX-22-S Tuff Chix Gloves for a very reasonable $16. If you prefer more masculine styles, check out this ironclad Glove assortment. If that sounds too spendy, check out our sponsor Fastcap’s Skins gloves we recently reviewed, for just $5 a pair!

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