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lawn_stryperI almost didn’t bother to write about the Lawn Stryper because I hate its name. I’m simply not a fan of replacing “i’s” with “y’s” when it’s completely unnecessary to do so. It’s such a pet peeve of mine that despite everything in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure that is eye roll-worthy, the thing I find most obnoxious about the film is that they named their band “WYLD STALLYNS.” That is how much I loathe the unnecessary “y.”

But I figured that shouldn’t be your problem, so here it is – the Lawn Stryper.

You’ve seen it at golf courses, ballparks or perhaps the lawn of a neighbour you envy – those cool stripes in the grass – and wondered how some sections are dark while others look light. No, it’s not dye – it’s much simpler than that. The effect is from the consistent bending of the blades of grass which then reflect light differently, and the Lawn Stryper is an easy way to get it done.

Essentially a large rolling pin that is weighted with sand, the Lawn Stryper is attached to the back of your push mower and off you go! As you mow and walk up in one direction, the grass is bent smoothly. At the end of your lawn, turn around and go parallel to your last line and the grass is bent in the opposite direction. Instant stripes! A design instruction booklet is included should you want to get really creative (like a checker board design) – although many of these more intricate lawn looks involve some back and forth mowing and jumping around with your lawn mower that will embarrass your teenage children – all the more reason to do it.

The Professional Black Lawn Stryper is available for just under $150. Have a riding mower? Then this basic Poly Tow Roller 24″ is built specifically for you (also available in wider sizes).

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