Spring Stink Calls For The Lazy Pet Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop

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Spring is in the air, and with it, that familiar smell: The emergence of all the gross things once hidden by the snow. Even if your city has by-laws that require dog owners to pick up their pets’ droppings, winter is a special wonderland for bad dog walkers – rather than baggying the brown, they’ve kicked some snow over the area the dog was, thus hiding a special surprise on your lawn. How grand.

Alternatively, you might have a backyard that you’ve been letting your own family dog rule over the winter months. Maybe it was the chill or the call of bad reality TV, but in any case, it’s been a few months since you went back there and cleaned up what is now a literal wasteland.

This is a job for …. Poop Patrol!

Also known as you – but with a pooper scooper that makes the unpleasant task quicker and easier to call done. The Lazy Pet Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop is quite poopular … sorry … popular … among dog owners. At 27″ in length, you don’t have to do much bending down. The handle allows you to squeeze the poop scooping jaws open to snatch the offender and releases to close the jaws and capture. No sweeping! No weeping! Just stink defeating!

Did we mention this pooper scooper is good for animals large and small? We bet the Lazy Pet Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop would have come in handy at many a Canadian bar and street during the Olympics when the US tied the gold medal game in the third period.

Before you let the spring stink set in, consider getting a Lazy Pet Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop – Amazon currently has them for a low $11.99.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Stink Calls For The Lazy Pet Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop”

  1. Wow! That really is a pooper scooper for the incredibly lazy, no need to even bend over! Found my way to this site as I have been looking for a pooper scooper for my new puppy Tilly, who i have just started to take for walk and am beginning to get to grips (literally) with her doogie waste! I have been looking at these fantastic dog poop bags (check out the link) which look pretty good. If anyone reading this has any experience of these bags, or any like them, your input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Danny

    • Thanks for the pooper-scooper feedback Danny, and for the Dicky Bag tip! Aside from having a very questionable name, they have an awesome slogan (“The Number One Solution To Dog’s Number 2’s”). Gotta love it! I have a policy against following around animals and then picking up and containing their excrement (which is why we don’t have a dog), but if I did, I’d be onto both these solutions! Happy pooper scooping until next time!


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