Livos Kaldet Wood Stain 270: Green, But Don’t Feed It To Your Family

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livos-kaldet-transparent-wood-stain-270We all know we need to start being more environmentally responsible. Going green is ultimately the only way to save the planet, and there are a lot of great home improvement products out there now that are non toxic and earth friendly. Livos Kaldet Transparent Wood Stain No. 270 is one of them. We built a large wood trellis last year and knew we needed to stain it, but had reservations about what to use. So many of the products around are toxic, and we have three kids, and a dog that drink out of the creek fed by the runoff past our house. What I meant to say was, we have three kids, who drink water from the Brita faucet on the kitchen sink, and a dog who . . . oh you know what I meant!

Anyway, Livos Kaldet Transparent Exterior Wood Stain 270 comes in five colors – Boxwood, Brazil, Ebony, Teak and Walnut (they also make interior stains in more colors). One important caveat is that these stains are not recommended for walking areas such as balcony floors, terraces and stairs. Caveat aside, the ingredients on the label are reportedly ALL the ingredients, and Kaldet Stains contain zero mercury, arsenic, cadmium or lead. That means less risk of three-headed puppies in our future. They’re even certified as suitable for staining wooden toys and cribs or baby beds – you can’t get much safer sounding than that. It’s a no-brainer. Natural ingredients with less chance of hazardous runoff. The dog and the kids will be safe. Strangely, the Livos website doesn’t list any US distributors, but a quick google search reveals several sellers in the US, including Sustainable Village in Colorado. Pricing starts at about $30 for 3/4 liter.

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