Tool News Nirvana – New Makita Tools, Bosch Giveaway, Tradesperson of the Year & Tyvek Shoes?

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What do jobsite battery chargers, kind-hearted builders, paper shoes and a free radio all have in common? Give up? They’re just some of the ridiculously cool new tools that are part of this month’s Tool News Nirvana! We have two new tools from Makita; the 18v 4-port charger and 36v cordless chain saw. We also have some out-of-this-world shoes made from Tyvek, how to win a free Bosch jobsite radio from your pals here at Home Fixated, and, find out how to nominate your favorite tradesperson of the year for a chance to win $500 in cash and a trip to the Super Bowl! Get ready for some relief from summer heat, it’s Tool News Nirvana!

Makita 18V Lithium-Ion 4-Port Charger

Makita 18v 4-pack chargerIf you’ve never had the pleasure of trying to charge a bunch of batteries with limited outlet space on the jobsite, then it’s not something we would recommend. In fact, if you and your crew use way too many battery packs for your own good, then you probably should avoid your charging troubles by getting a multi-port charger. Makita steps into the multi-port battery charger ring with the DC18SF 18V LXT and Lithium-Ion battery charger.

In just 120 minutes, you can charge four 18VLXT batteries or in 60 minutes you can charge four Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries (even less time if you only charge two batteries at a time). Battery monitoring technology in the charger ensures a longer battery life as well as quicker charging times. Take a look over at the Makita DC18SF LXT 18v Quad Port Charger at our sponsor Tyler Tool.

Light Wing Trainers

tyvek shoesThis could be one of the weirdest things featured on Tool News Nirvana so far, but who’s keeping track anyways? Light Wing trainers are shoes made from that wonderful wall covering we love so much: Tyvek. Yes DuPont’s mystery paper found a new use—as super lightweight shoes.

How light? At just 150 grams for the pair, that’s the equivalent weight of two cups of microwaved popcorn. Or 155 oyster crackers. Or just 2/3 of a cup of applesauce. No matter what weight descriptor you use, these shoes are super-light. Why are they on HomeFixated? Because they’re made of Tyvek. If a shoe company starts making shoes out of 2×4’s, we’d probably write about that too. Want a pair of your own? Not just yet as the company still needs some more capital to get things up to production speed. Help them get things up and running with a donation of $11 or more on and get a free Tyvek wallet!

Bosch Radio & 18V Li-Ion Starter Kit Giveaway

bosch (1000x445)Here at Home Fixated, we love tools almost as much as we love giving them away! In case you missed our numerous previous mentions, the new PB180 Jobsite Radio and the SKC180-03 Lithium-Ion Starter Kit are both up for grabs to a single winner at the end of this month.

Retailing for around $300 total, this top of the line beat box and cordless starter kit is perfect for the rough and tumble life it might receive on the jobsite. Only one lucky winner will receive this cool tool prize package, so take a look here for details on this month’s free tool giveaway from!

Tradesperson of the Year

lowes (1000x479)Do you know a builder, contractor or other tradesperson who serves their community, contributes to furthering their trade or is just a really nice person? Maybe even rescued kittens? Oh yeah, and do they want to win $500 bucks and a trip to the Super Bowl? If you said yes (kitten rescue optional), then head on over to the Rebuilding Together website for the Tradesperson of the Year presented by Lowe’s.

Submit an essay of 250 words or less about why your nomination should receive the award and the first 100 people to submit a qualified nomination will receive a $25 Lowe’s gift card. Nominations begin on June 21st. Help out those who help others and who knows? You might get a little help yourself!

Makita 18V X2 LXT Cordless Chainsaw

Makita_HCU02ZX2_ChainSaw (1000x514)Lightweight, compact and free from the gas and oil-sucking power supply, the Makita 18V X2 LXT Cordless Chainsaw is great for cutting and chopping trees and brush. Even though the bar is only 12” long, it still packs a powerful punch because it uses two 18V LXT batteries. That’s 36V of power for extended run times and reportedly powerful cutting action.

Best of all, the HCU02XZ2 doesn’t produce toxic emissions and weighs less than 12 pounds, so you can use it just about anywhere. You might even want to fix the newel post like Clark Griswold did in Christmas Vacation. Take a look at the HCU02XZ2 and all of Makita’s 18V LXT cordless tool at the Makita website for more details on this cool chopping tool.

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  1. Who won the July 4th contest? I didn’t get any boxes in the mail and I don’t see a winner on the winner’s list. I’m sure it’s just an over site but feel free to contact me for my address 🙂

  2. Those shoes are creepy light. They make maps and envelops out of tyvek, so why not shoes. Wonder what the soles are made of?


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