Method Products: Chemicals, Controversy and Clean Homes

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Method_CleanersYou’ve tiled your bathroom. Finished the hardwood floors. Installed a beautiful new kitchen faucet. Scared your family with the Incinolet.

So, what will you do next?

Why, pour, spray and scrub a bunch of chemicals over it all, of course!


Sadly, most of the products we use to clean our homes are filled with all kinds of harmful junk. Not only are these naughty for the environment, we haven’t even begun to fully understand the long-term impact they have on our bodies and health. I’m going to go out on a not-so-fragile limb and say that they’re probably not good for us.

The people at Method, a company that produces natural and green household cleaning products think chemical cleaners are bad news too. They attempted to educate us in a humorous way with the “Shiny Suds” commercial below. Problem is, many people felt the commercial went over the line as far as sexism and turning the woman into a humiliated victim – so it got yanked. Maybe I’m on my own here, but I’m a feminist and I thought the commercial was clever and funny. They’re bubbles, for Pete’s sake! But, as always, judge for yourself:

Method Products are available in a number of stores including online retailers like Amazon. You can find pretty much everything from wood cleaner to all-purpose sprays to marble and granite polishes. I use quite a few of these and they work well, smell dreamy and never make me feel wheezy like some chemical cleaners I used to use. And despite the critics, I dig the commercial. It seems that if you can entertain me and don’t give me cancer, you can consider me a customer.

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