Milwaukee Mobile Work Station 48-22-8560 Gives You A Handle On Storage

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milwaukee mobile work station

If I were asked to name my solitary flaw, I’d have to say it’s that I may be a tad disorganized. Okay, maybe that’s not my ONLY flaw – actually, I think it’s on the third page of the list – but it’s right up there as a contender for Flaw That Causes The Most Wasted Time. I frequently spend twenty minutes searching for the tool or part I need to do a five-minute task. I’ve been trying to get better organized, and made a huge leap forward in that quest recently with the arrival of the 60” Milwaukee Mobile Work Station, model 48-22-8560. Milwaukee provided one for our evaluation, primarily out of pity.

As the name implies, the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station isn’t just a tool chest, although it certainly is a whopper of a tool chest. There’s a built-in power center on one end, with six outlets, and space to install two Milwaukee chargers right underneath it. There’s a nice-looking 1” thick, solid hardwood top, to provide almost ten square feet of workspace. And it’s reversible, so you can flip it over after years of use, or for those inevitable “oops” moments that totally trash the surface. And that ain’t all – here’s the list of specs and features from Milwaukee:

• Reinforced Angle Iron Base
• Six Industrial Casters
• 100 lb. Soft Close Drawer Slides
• Built In UL-listed Power Center
• 22″ Metal Multi-Position Peg Wall
• 1″ Reversible Hardwood Top
• Quick Access Tool Organizer
• Multi-position Shelf in cupboard
• Adjustable-height side storage shelf can accommodate paint cans, battery chargers and other bulky items
• Secure your tools with the 3-barrel key locking system
• Built in Power Tool Organizer
• Large push bar, steel tubular side handle can be mounted on either the left or right side of the cabinet
• 11 Total Drawers & Storage Cabinet
Depth 24.4″ with peg wall
Width 69.2″ with push handle and shelf
Height 38.2″
Weight 410 lbs.

Milwaukee Mobile Work Station
The Milwaukee Mobile Work Station, ready to help de-clutter

The Milwaukee Mobile Work Station: Bring It On Home

At the moment, the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station is available only through the Home Depot. Whether you’re going to pick one up, or having it delivered, invite two or three of your strongest friends to be there for the occasion; the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station may be mobile, but it definitely isn’t light! Including the cardboard packaging, it weighs in at just under 450 lbs. Shedding the wrap gets it down to a svelte 410 lbs.

milwaukee mobile work station
If you’re picking it up, leave the Smart Car at home.

Once you’ve laid the unit on its back and installed the six casters, it’s easy to maneuver around. Here is HomeFixated Tip #1: Don’t let your friends leave until the casters are all installed, and the unit has been returned to its upright and locked position. Otherwise, your work station will likely be on its back for a long time, and it’s not nearly as useful down there.

milwaukee mobile work station
Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…

The Milwaukee Mobile Work Station arrives mostly assembled. Aside from the aforementioned casters, you’ll need to attach the handle to one end, install an exterior shelf, and raise and secure the peg wall. There’s also a tool holder to be attached to one end, rubber bumpers for the bottom corners, and an optional shelf you can install in the cabinet.

milwaukee mobile work station
Minor assembly needed, including casters and bumper…
milwaukee mobile work station
And the external shelf

If you plan to hang a Milwaukee charger or two on the unit, just install two screws for each one to hang from in the pre-drilled holes. The screws are perfectly spaced to fit the keyhole slots in the bottom of the Milwaukee chargers. Got chargers that aren’t red? Plop ‘em down on the shelf underneath. Milwaukee also provides pre-cut rubber drawer liners, to help protect both the drawers and your tools.

milwaukee mobile work station
The Milwaukee mobile work station is set up to hold two RED chargers
milwaukee mobile work station
Pre-cut rubber drawer liners help protect tools – and drawers.

Finally, to get juice to the power center, you’ll need to poke the power cord through the end wall. Here’s another free HF tip to make that task a little easier: The power cord sits in the second drawer down on the right. The instructions say to remove that drawer, and then feed the power cord out through the grommets. You’ll have a whole lot more room to reach in and maneuver if you remove the larger drawer just above it. To release the drawer slides, just press the tiny little black lever on each slide.

milwaukee mobile work station
To get the power cord out, remove the TOP drawer…
milwaukee mobile work station
Reach in, and poke the plug through.
milwaukee mobile work station
To release drawers, push tiny black clamps on each slide.

Let’s Load That Sucker Up!

Once I had the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station set up, the next step was to decide what to put in it. I ended up filling it with an assortment of tools that were randomly stuck on shelves due to lack of a better place. It was great to one able to get a bunch of my wrenches, socket sets, pliers, etc. all organized.

milwaukee mobile work station
The drawers are strong, operate smoothly, and extend fully
milwaukee mobile work station
Load ’em up!

I designated one drawer as Battery Central, which should cut down on the time I spend searching for a battery of a particular color. It’s very handy having the two chargers hanging off the end of the unit, too; makes it much more likely the batteries will end up getting recharged at the end of the day.

milwaukee mobile work station
FEEL THE POWER in the battery corral!

While I was putting everything away, I took note of the quality of the components. The drawers all slide smoothly, and feel solid and strong. The soft close feature is nice, too, keeping the drawers from slamming shut and jumbling everything around. The drawers are rated to handle 100 lbs. each, and even the most heavily-loaded one operated smoothly, and showed no signs of strain.

milwaukee mobile work station
Larger, heavier items fit in the bottom with room for more

The 5” casters are very heavy-duty, which is good, considering the work station has a capacity of 2,200 lbs! The four corner wheels can be locked, so your Milwaukee Mobile Work Station won’t go walkabout without your permission. Foot levers make it fast and easy, and when the wheels are unlocked the unit is easy to maneuver to wherever you need it, thanks to the large handle.

milwaukee mobile work station
The casters are very heavy-duty, and the corners lock easily
milwaukee mobile work station
The beefy handle makes it easy to go mobile

The Milwaukee Mobile Work Station Has You Pegged

Got tools you like to keep out where you can grab them quickly? The adjustable steel peg wall offers a sturdy, secure spot for them to hang out. The peg wall can be adjusted to different heights up to 22”, and has locking knobs to hold it in various positions. Don’t want it? It can be slid all the way down behind the work station, or easily removed, giving you a bit of extra clearance behind the unit. If you do plan to use it, the peg wall can be made more secure by attaching the provided angled corner brackets, which screw to the bench top and the peg wall to stabilize it.

milwaukee mobile work station
Knobs quickly lock the peg wall in at different heights
milwaukee mobile work station
The peg wall keeps tools handy and organized. Photo – Milwaukee

The cupboard comes with a shelf, which can be installed at various heights, or simply left out. I left it out for the moment, and put some larger items in there. The cupboard has a separate lock, and there are two other locks, so you can unlock only the sections you choose. All three locks are keyed alike, and there is a serial number you may want to write down somewhere, in case the keys vanish into the less well organized sectors of your work area.

milwaukee mobile work station
Store big stuff in the cupboard, or install the adjustable shelf
milwaukee mobile work station
Three locks let you secure some, or all, of your gear

One of my favorite features is the hardwood work surface. The Milwaukee Mobile Work Station provides an excellent work area for assembly, or organizing parts during a project. The surface looks great, and if (when!) it eventually gets damaged, you get a do-over, by simply undoing the fasteners and flipping it over.

milwaukee mobile work station
The top makes a great work surface

Ready To Get Organized?

The first thought you’re likely to have when you first set eyes on the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station is “Damn – nice toolbox!” That sure was MY first thought. As you might guess from its weight, the work station is very solidly constructed, from its 5” industrial casters and angle-iron frame to the top of the steel peg wall. Everything about it has the feel of a quality piece of equipment, the type that lasts a lifetime – and beyond. (My son is already eyeing it up).

milwaukee mobile work station
A large bottom drawer has a removable tool cradle

Along with keeping you better organized, the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station helps keep your tools protected. I have a lot of money invested in tools, and having them stacked up here and there, and spread out all over my workbench, isn’t the greatest way to take care of them. The fact that all the drawers and the cabinet can be locked also offers protection from anyone who wants to make YOUR tools THEIR tools.

The Milwaukee Mobile Work Station retails for $699, which I think is VERY reasonable for what you get. Can you buy a cheaper toolbox? You bet. Before you do, though, go compare the look, feel and features. I concluded long ago that you’ll seldom go wrong buying the best quality you can afford. It generally performs better, lasts longer, and makes you a lot happier while you’re using it.

Milwaukee Mobile Work Station
Construction on the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station is robust

If your flaw, solitary or otherwise, is being a tad disorganized, and you want a roomy, secure, well-made place to stow your tools and supplies, I heartily recommend the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station. It doesn’t hurt that you also get a sturdy, good-looking workbench as part of the deal. Who doesn’t need more workspace?! The Milwaukee Mobile Work Station, Model # 48-22-8560 comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and a 90-day money back guarantee.

Milwaukee Mobile Work Station

Currently available exclusively at the Home Depot for $698:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

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