News Nirvana – Milwaukee Work Box, DeWalt Laminate Trimmer, Fastcap Zero Clearance Tape, Dremel Fortiflex and Free Tools from Worx and HomeFixated

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With April Showers brings May flowers, and with the May News Nirvana comes a bouquet of tool goodies fresh from the tool garden (or at least the manufacturers). Just like any good May flower garden, this month’s edition of News Nirvana offers some great tools from Milwaukee, Dremel, DeWalt and Fastcap that are starting to sprout up and show their beautiful blooms. So stop, smell the roses and get ready for some of the coolest new tools this side of the flower petal – it’s News Nirvana time!

Milwaukee 26-inch Work Box

Broken tool box no more?
Broken tool box no more?

Have you ever loaded up your tool box, only to find out that it’s too heavy and the handle breaks or the hinges come off in mid-hoist? We have, and it’s no fun picking up dozens of sockets, screwdrivers and other loose tools out of the dirt. That’s where Milwaukee comes to the rescue with their new 26-inch work box. Milwaukee claims it can survive 1,000 drops with a 50 pound load. We think that sounds pretty tough. Bobby Shaw, Director of Product Marketing for Milwaukee Tool had this to say about the Milwaukee 26-inch work box:

Current storage boxes in this category do not have the durability that our users expect on the jobsite, often ending up with cracked corners or broken hinges after just one drop from the bed of a truck. We set out to overcome this reality, testing the box with an overloaded weight and dropping it repeatedly until we had a solution that could survive the everyday abuse of a jobsite for years to come.

When we asked Mr. Shaw if the box had been given the piñata test – fill it with candy and let some hungry children ruthlessly beat it with sticks – we were answered with the usual silence followed by a dial tone. We assume there must have been a bad connection. Either way, with reinforced corners, recessed latches and buttressed hinges, the Milwaukee 26-inch work box looks like it can take a beating and keep on carrying your tools (or candy?) without fail.

DeWalt Single Speed Laminate Trimmer

Trims laminate better than a manicurist trims finger nails
Trims laminate better than a manicurist trims finger nails

Cabinet makers can rejoice, DeWalt breaks bad with its new single speed laminate trimmer. Some laminate trimmers offer a silly thumb wheel to adjust the depth of the cut and that often leaves the edge burled up worse than if you had had a squirrel gnaw the edge of the laminate for a trim. The new DWE6000 offers users an adjustable depth ring for adjusting cutting height without getting in the way of the grip. It also features a quick release base and spindle lock so changing the bit is easy and painless unlike other laminate trimmers. For just $99 you can get this trim-tastic DeWalt tool at retailers near you for more information about the DWE6000 Laminate Trimmer. Just don’t use it to trim your toe nails!

Dremel Fortiflex

Dremel announces a robust new rotary tool; the Dremel Fortiflex. This one-of-a-kind woodworking tool features a powerful 2.5 amp motor that’s right at home cutting and carving into wood, plastic and metal projects of all shapes and sizes. The flexible shaft and foot-actuated pedal allows the user more control when slicing and dicing up precision projects while ensuring a longer life of the tool (and your fingers). It’s the perfect marriage of power and precision which is legal in all 50 states. For more information about this great Dremel power tool, visit the Dremel website and take a look at the video above to see this boss machine in action.

Fastcap Zero Clearance Tape

Besides the notorious termite, what’s the worst enemy of the woodworker? If you answered tear out, then you probably either have had experience with this troublesome woodworking effect in the past or else you skipped ahead in the paragraph and read the answer. Tear out from a miter or table saw is typically caused by the throat plate being too wide. The skinnier the throat plate, the less likely you’re going to have an issue with tear out. That’s where this nifty little product by Fastcap comes in handy. This PVC backed tape simply covers the throat plate opening so that when you make a cut on your saw, the throat is only as wide as the blade, thus reportedly eliminating tear out! Simple, yet effective, this affordable tape solution can be replaced over and over again when it wears out (or if you start doing bevel cuts with it in place). Learn more about Fastcap Zero Clearance Tape on the Fastcap website.

May News Nirvana Bonus – Free Stuff from Worx

You don't have to Worx hard to get this Worx garden kit--we're giving it away!
You don’t have to Worx hard to get these Worx garden tools – we’re giving them away!

This month and every month, HomeFixated partners up with a manufacturer to give away some free goodies, and this May is no different. You might be able to finally enjoy maintaining your yard with this awesome Worx cordless garden tool package. To enter, simply leave a useful comment below or on any other article at HomeFixated for your free chance to enter to win over $200 worth of trimmers, blowers and Worx cordless gardening accessories. Don’t have anything to say, or maybe you’re mime? That’s ok; you can also enter to win by signing up for our not-so-boring weekly newsletter. And, if you win, do you mind coming by the HomeFixated office and giving the lawn a little trim?

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6 thoughts on “News Nirvana – Milwaukee Work Box, DeWalt Laminate Trimmer, Fastcap Zero Clearance Tape, Dremel Fortiflex and Free Tools from Worx and HomeFixated”

  1. Well I love chord free. I have a lawn mower sans chord and it is very nice just charge and go. Light and does not make allot of pollution or noise. Next I hope to get my string trimmer to go upscale modern. Hmmm maybe I can win one.

  2. I have a works trimmer, one of the earliest I believe. WHen you could only get them from a TV ad. I was worried it would not have the power to get the job done. I was so wrong. Worx great. Can’t beat the free line deal. You have to pay for shipping but you get enough spools for a couple of years…

  3. I have yet to buy a cordless lawn tool because of the usual lack of power. But with all the great reviews I’ve read the next time I need to replace a gas powered tool I’m going to go cordless/battery operated.

  4. It is a pain to keep all these gas engines running. The Worx system is cool by having one battery format to handle several tools.

  5. I love theWorx trimmer, it’s light enough for my wife to use and powerful enough to complete trimming for our yard, which is 1/2 acre. Would love other tools to start a collection


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