Neuton Garden Cart For Dreamy Landscaping

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When someone first mentioned the Neuton Garden Cart to me, an electric self-propelled wheelbarrow, I have to admit that a full-fledged fantasy popped into my head. As a person whose childhood was filled with Disney movies and whose adulthood has been a quest to find the laziest route possible, I imagined this garden cart magically working on its own, Fantasia-style (the Mickey Mouse one, not the American Idol one).

In this daydream, the Neuton Garden Cart filled itself with weeds, merrily wheeled itself across the yard and then dumped its contents into an awaiting dancing garbage bag – all while I sipped Mojitos in a nearby lawn chair. Then the harsh reality of a Google search brought me back to earth.

It’s not fair to the Neuton Garden Cart to receive my disappointment for not being Disney-esque. The truth is, it does make gardening and landscaping work much easier for people. Here’s a closer, reality-based look at this motorized wheelbarrow:

  • The Neuton Garden Cart can haul a maximum of 200 lbs. (150 lbs. if working on a slope up to 20 feet). That’s a lot of dirt, leaves, weeds, firewood or construction materials!
  • This wheelbarrow is self-propelled – but you have to be there to steer and press the “pedal” that makes it go. This start-stop control looks like a large, orange space bar at the garden cart’s handle. That’s easy enough, right?
  • As it’s powered by a battery (electric), you need not worry about gas fuel and the mess, fumes and environmental issues that come wit it. The battery lasts for five hours and can be recharged (in its charger, which comes with the garden cart) using your standard electrical outlet.
  • The Neuton Garden Cart features dual motors and transmissions which operate each rear wheel independently. You can go forward at two different speeds and and there is a powered reverse mode should you need to back up any point.
  • A handy compartmentalized tray is at the handle, so you can carry along your tools, garden gloves and a drink as you go. So maybe that dream of having a Mojito wasn’t totally off, eh?
  • The Neuton Garden Cart is brought to you by the same folks that make the Neuton Mower, for those of you tool lazy to human-power your push mower.   The Neuton 22721 12-Volt 2-Speed Self-Propelled Battery Powered Electric 5-Cubic Foot Garden Cart With 200-Pound Capacity is available at Amazon for $329 and has been met with great reviews. Additional accessories, like a cover or a leaf catcher (great for increasing capacity) are also available.

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    14 thoughts on “Neuton Garden Cart For Dreamy Landscaping”

    1. I have used one of these electric carts for years here on my hilly property. It was fantastic for many different chores and now needs repair and/or a new battery. I’ll be working on this in next few days…

    2. Need this cart! Even if it is just for parts. I’m trying to fix my old one and it’s like a member of the family!

    3. I am am interested in buying Newton garden cart wheel ,one of my pulling wheels burst.notify me if you have one,would like to purchase.Thanks Tim

    4. I have one for sale if you are looking for a cart but it needs a battery which is available on amazon for $18 plus shipping.

      • Chris…where are you located? My did NOT listen to me, and she left her cart outside. told her to put inside as the cart electronics do not like moisture. I have TWO batteries…just require cart

    5. Hi, I plan to purchase the electric garden cart for my garden work at a nursing home. I notice this cart is not available right now. Please let me know when it is available as I want it ready for my projects. I am a volunteer and the nursing home is going to buy this for me. If you have any means to give us a discount I would be willing to forward the ID number the home uses for tax exemption. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Also do you have a cover for this cart. It will sit outside under a porch roof so I really want to keep this cart in tip top condition. Thank you. Virginia Pleban


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