What’s New From Ryobi in 2017 and 2018

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I recently attended a showing of Ryobi products for the 2017-2018 model year to see the power tools, jobsite lighting, and lifestyle products developed since last year’s meeting. Ryobi is celebrating a milestone of adding the 100th cordless tool to their 18-volt cordless system, and many of their newest tools feature high-tech brushless motors with greater efficiency and added control functions.

Since Ryobi sells 110,000 battery packs per week, they have no plans to move away from their tower-style battery pack—one of the few packs in the industry that still uses that design. But as a result, the latest premium lithium ion packs can be used in tools that date back all the way to the mid 90s. And speaking of batteries, Ryobi will be releasing new 18-volt packs during the first months of 2018. Included are 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah standard “Lithium” and 3.0Ah, 6.0Ah, and 9.0Ah premium “Lithium Plus” models.

Along with the highlighted new tools, there are also some innovative LED lighting and lifestyle products that are as useful on the job site as they are around the home or for recreational uses.

18-Volt Cordless System Tools

P450 cordless 3- x 18-inch belt sander with brushless motor. Claimed to offer 15-20 minutes of runtime on a battery charge with a belt speed up to 850 feet per minute. Also features a five-position front handle.

P450 belt sander
P450 belt sander; $129 tool only; Dec. ‘16

P328 cordless three-speed impact driver with brushless motor. This new flagship model has three speed/power settings to let you dial in the maximum force you need for the task at hand but still allows fine torque control with variable speed operation within each setting.

three-speed impact driver
P238 three-speed impact driver

P508 cordless 7 1/4-inch, blade-left circular saw with brushless motor. This saw is unique because it features the blade on the left side for improved cutline visibility like most 6 1/2-inch blade circ saws. It may be the only 7 1/4-inch cordless sidewinder saw available with the blade on the left.

7 1/4-inch circular saw
P508 7 1/4-inch circular saw

P601 cordless 1/4-inch collet trim router has a single speed of 29,000 rpm and is claimed to be able to cut 200-300 feet of edge profile on a battery charge.

cordless trim router
P601 trim router; $69 tool only; Dec. ‘16

P3650B cordless 10-inch dual bevel sliding miter saw with a 36-volt brushless motor. Part of Ryobi’s new One+One line, which designates tools that take two of the brand’s 18-volt battery packs for extra power. The saw has the capacity to crosscut 12 inches, yet weighs less than 30 pounds.

cordless miter saw
P3650B miter saw; $299 tool only; May/June ‘17

P440 cordless 1/4-sheet sander makes Ryobi’s 18-volt sander line complete as they also have random-orbit, belt, and detail sanders available.

cordless 1/4-sheet sander
P440 1/4-sheet sander; $40 tool only; Mar. ‘17

P517 cordless orbital reciprocating saw with brushless motor has features like an adjustable shoe and a blade change lever that locks open, freeing up both hands to make it easier to change the blade. Another nice ergonomic touch is the convenient trigger lockout switch that stays in the on or off position so it doesn’t need to be pushed every time you squeeze the trigger like spring-loaded lockouts.

cordless orbital reciprocating saw
P517 orbital recip saw

P423 cordless 4 1/2-inch angle grinder with brushless motor comes standard with type 27 and 01 guards to use the tool with either grinding wheels or cutting wheels. Both guards can be adjusted without the need for any tools, and the wheel-changing wrench stores neatly inside the handle so it doesn’t get lost.

cordless angle grinder
P423 angle grinder

P318 hoseless, battery-powered 23-gauge pin nailer with a claimed capacity of 3,000-4,000 shots per battery charge. Its novel fence attached below the magazine can be used to set the spacing of the pin in from an edge to ensure accurate placement, which is very important for a pinner since misplaced fasteners are almost impossible to pull out.

hoseless pin nailer
P318 pin nailer; $129 tool only; Dec. ‘17

P591 cordless offset-head shear features a rotating head for more comfortable work positioning, whether cutting sheet metal, wire roll fencing, or roofing materials. And the multi-material jaws can be replaced when worn out.

cordless sheet metal shear
P591 offset-head shear; $99 tool only; Aug. ‘17

P611 cordless handheld 3 1/4-inch planer can be set for right or left side chip ejection and comes with a chip collection bag and a fence to set planing width.

cordless handheld planer
P611 portable planer

P4002 powered drain auger has a backup AC power cord for cordless or corded use, a reach of 25 feet, and its feed-control mechanism is located right at the front of the tool for convenience.

cordless drain auger
P4002 drain auger; $149 tool only; Oct. ‘17

P750 cordless transfer pump moves 27 gallons per minute without the worries of using poer cords in and around standing water, but has a backup AC power adapter if needed.

cordless transfer pump
P750 transfer pump

P305 cordless high-heat glue gun handles the high strength glue sticks needed for professional demands like adhering tackless strips to concrete floors. It also works with standard glue sticks for hobbiest duties.

cordless glue gun
P305 glue gun; $30 tool only; Nov. ‘16

P770 cordless 6 gallon wet/dry vac lets you clean up indoors and out without the need to find an outlet and drag a cord around. All of the attachments store onboard the compact vac when not in use.

cordless wet/dry vac
P770 wet/dry vac

LED Lighting and Lifestyle Products

P785 string light has three LED lamps spaced 10 feet apart on a cord so you can concentrate light where you need it most. The light can run on one of Ryobi’s 18-volt battery packs or corded AC power. Dimmable to three brightness levels to match the needs of your workspace, or deck party, or campsite.

LED string light
P785 LED string light

P765 “Score” remote system speakers come in a set with one primary speaker with controls and one secondary speaker. The sound comes from the primary speaker’s built-in tuner, 3.5mm jack, a via Bluetooth connectivity. Each speaker can be powered by one of Ryobi’s 18-volt battery packs or by corded AC power. The primary speaker can control up to four secondary units (P761) through a SKAA wireless connection that boasts a 150 foot range and better signal penetration through obstacles than Bluetooth wireless, and the volume of each speaker can be adjusted individually. In a departure from their usual fluorescent trade dress, Ryobi toned down the job site look of this lifestyle product with the expectation that it will find its way into a lot of uses within the home. The color scheme is designed to be harmonious with the look of TVs and computers.

cordless speaker
Score P765 starter set $199; P761 secondary speaker $99; May ‘17

P3370 cooling cooler is 50 quart cooler with a battery-powered blower designed to cool the immediate area in front of it. Above the standard cooler compartment, the lid section contains the blower and battery, as well as a dry storage locker to keep phones, keys, etc. safely contained at work or at play. The unit comes with an 18-volt battery pack and charger.

cooler with internal blower
P3370 cooler; June ’17; $199

GDM610 security camera is the latest accessory that attaches to the base Ryobi garage door opener which is customizable into your own version of the corded/cordless garage door opener of the future. Or GDOOTF as we call it in the industry. The motion-activated camera comes with an SD card that can record up to 90 hours of footage at 720p, and when the garage door opener app alerts you, you can also watch on your smart phone through the cloud-based service. A two-way intercom in the security camera lets you talk to—or taunt—trespassers of any threat level, and while you can’t aim the camera with the app, its 75-degree field of view and low-light recording ability should let you see what’s going on. Besides, the motion detector on the garage door opener will have already lit the unit’s built-in LED light.

garage door opener security camera
GDM610 security camera accessory; May ’17; $99

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Photos courtesy of Ryobi.

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  1. I live in the US and have the 6 pack charger, but I am going to Australia where they already have the 9ah battery on sale. Anyone know if it will work with the US charger or if there is some type of smart circuit in the US charger that will prevent it from charging the higher capacity batteries?

  2. I own almost all of the tools in the ryobi 18v line and use them daily and have used them since they came out 20 plus years ago and have only had one or two to fail me /i enjoyed the different types of tools and how it makes me happy when I pull up to a job and have the right tools for the job /i. Love my cordless and corded tools from ryobi

    • I checked with our contact at Ryobi. According to their sales team, it’s offline for a few weeks until its back in stock. It’s an online purchase item only.


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