One Shot Shovel: Call me Dig’ Em

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You will find the history of the greatest breakfast cereal of all time here and all the requisite information on the spokesfrog:  Dig ‘Em.  Sometimes we’re just short on good jokes…and digging ones in particular.  Particularly when we’re covering something as lame as digging.  Enter Emilio Villani, Gemcor, and the One Shot Shovel.

Apparently regular shovels weren’t bad-assed enough for Emilio, and he decided to build a better mousetrap.  By the way:  Looking at the picture of Emilio, it seems he has the guns to toss some dirt around.  Perhaps this is why mere mortal shovels weren’t good enough for this guy. It’s not a closely guarded digging secret that for cleaning out a trench, or just moving a lot of dirt efficiently–a square shovel is the way to go.  It has a bigger capacity, and in my vast digging experience, it just works better.  The bad part:  you can’t dig #@$! with them.  They are fairly well wholly useless for actually breaking ground and digging like a brute.  Or this guy.

So, you cart around two shovels at best–one for digging and one for cleaning out your digging endeavor.  No longer.  Thanks to the One Shot Shovel–you can dig, clean, and build super-sweet guns by tossing dirt around with abandon.  Since we have included Macho Man Randy Savage already–I feel that we ought to have some lines and moves to practice for when we’re showing off our newly dirt-built muscles.

Flex your biceps, look at each of them lovingly, and then say: “Give Mama/Papa some sugar”.  Kiss each one and resume digging.

Put a sign in your yard that says:  “Gun Show, 8 AM Sunday Morning”  Put a table in the yard.  At 7:59AM walk outside and stand on the table flexing.  Do not say a word.

Make up a couple ZIP codes, and write them on each of your biceps.  When filling out your address–ask if you need to have your arms receive their mail separately.

Back to the One Shot. . . The wing design strengthens the blade, and makes it easier on your foot for when you’re really digging.  A sore body, coupled with sore feet after an exquisite day of digging just adds to the overall misery.  The wings will also help in the shape of your trench, by cutting as you dig–eliminating a need to shape the sides.  This means less work.  Which roughly translates to less digging.  See where they’re going here?  Digging in all shapes and forms is dumb.  Unfortunately it is a necessary part of a lot of home improvement projects.  Less digging is good.  Very good. Go One Shot Shovel!

The handle is made of fiberglass, off-setting the extra weight of the wings on the blade.  The 1.5 inch collar gives the One Shot Shovel extra strength for all the additional dirt you’ll be able to hold with the winged-design.  Plus–the shovel kind of looks like the Batmobile.  Awesome.  These are things I think of when I’m digging.  Anything to distract me.

The One Shot Shovel appears to me to be designed by someone with a lot of experience digging.  It is one of those things that I trust someone has done a lot more than me–which leads me to believe if you have a need for an “all-terrain” shovel:  The One Shot could be a real work saver. If you can find them in the states, they’re about $20-$30 depending on handle config. If you’re in Canada, you can pick them up here.

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