Deciphering Oscillating “Multi” Tools & Accessories

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fein-multimasterMany moons ago HomeFixated wrote up a brief Fein Multimaster Review, which did little to disguise our love of both the Fein tool, and German engineering in general. Since then, the Fein Multimaster has been our go-to tool for countless projects. From cutting door jambs, to detail sanding window frames, the Fein Multimaster is a tool we just never stop finding uses for. It’s been over four years since we bought the tool, and it hasn’t let us down yet. Our only semi-complaint about it has been that Multimaster accessories are quite expensive. I say semi-complaint, since we also believe you often get what you pay for.

Not long ago, Fein’s patent ran out, which opened the flood gates to oscillating “Multi” tools from a growing list of manufacturers. Yesterday, a family member asked me about the various oscillating tool options on the market. While I was marginally clueless about several of the new options, luckily our friends over at ToolSnob our experts on them. In fact, yesterday, they published a handy matrix detailing which accessories you can use with which oscillating tools. Something very handy to know if you only have access to certain accessories, or you want to save a few bucks on one brand over another. Check out ToolSnob’s detailed oscillating tool accessory “what fits what” analysis.

Not only did ToolSnob enlighten us on oscillating accessories, but they are also a great resource for reviews on the current batch of oscillating tools, including the Rockwell SoniCrafter, Dremel Multi-Max, Bosch PS50, Craftman Nextec, and, our favorite, the Fein MultiMaster. One look at their testing table here, and you know ToolSnob means business!


So if you’re vacillating between oscillators, ToolSnob is available help guide you to a steady decision. Our bottom line: if you’re at all handy around the house, having an oscillating tool isn’t something you’ll likely regret spending money on. It produces better results in many situations than other tools could, and it will let you accomplish some jobs that would be near impossible with any other tool. You can check out Fein’s MultiMaster product line here at Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “Deciphering Oscillating “Multi” Tools & Accessories”

  1. These multi-tools are some of the handiest tools to own. Universal adapters are available which allow you to use any manufacturer’s blades/attachments. The only drawback is the cost of the blades themselves since you will want several of each (lol).

  2. Just bought our new home in AZ after 22yrs in military – I decided to be the advanced party ‘prepping’ the home for our familie’s arrival. Wow , what an undertaking, being German I of course desired the Fein version but couldn’t justify the extra expense (the new home + current home means funds are tighter) after reading many reviews I did buy the Rockler oscillating tool which has now become my favorite new tool! Who knew it could make such quick and precise work of so many projects (trimming baseboards to recieve tile and cut through excess mortar blobs etc) as a female it is nice and comforting to find a tool I instantly figured out , didn’t need herculean muscles to wield and am not afraid to use. Thanks Rockler !

  3. I have been using the multimaster for joinery on thick timbers and have some pictures of a project if you are interested. Through-tenons
    in 2 1/2″ are possible using this tool


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