PaintLine’s PJSB – The PB&J of Portable Jobsite Spray Booths?

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Portable Jobsite Spray Booth

The difference between a professional painter and an amateur is in the prep work. And maybe some physical, emotional, or professional therapy. That’s why The PaintLine introduced their Portable Jobsite Spray Booth (PJSB) as a way to assist the professional painter in all of the above categories.

The PaintLine Portable Jobsite Spray Booth

Well, technically just in the prep work. But the argument could be made that the PJSB can also mitigate the need for the aforementioned therapies. Let me explain.

portable spray booth storage
The Paintline Portable Jobsite Spray Booth packs up to a remarkably compact size.

Whenever you hire a painter to refinish your cabinets, one of the things they will often need to do is find a suitable place to spray the doors and drawers. Now, if you have ever walked into your garage and found a walking, talking, screaming, cursing, or crying ball of painter’s plastic and blue tape, well that is your professional painter hard at work.

close up shot of corner of spray booth
This portable spray booth goes up quickly and securely. Photos – The Paintline

If you are a professional painter, The PaintLine offers an affordable, re-usable solution. In just 15 minutes you can set up a temporary spray booth in just about any interior workspace.

With an MSRP of $650, it comes with the reusable frame, 3 disposable liners, and a carrying bag to keep everything organized between jobs. With an open front and a variety of ventilation options, the PaintLine Portable Jobsite Spray Booth is an ideal setup for painters, carpenters, or any contractor that finds a clean work area hard to come by.

Portable Jobsite Spray Booth
The Portable Jobsite Spray Booth provides an affordable, professional spray booth solution for small shops and jobsite contractors. – Kyle Robinson

Kyle Robinson, president of PaintLine explains: “Most people end up spending too much time and money on temporary, plastic barriers when they want overspray protection or to contain other particulates. With the PJSB, spraying, finishing and even processing work like sanding, routing, or tile cutting can now be done in a professional booth that’s located right where the work originates.”

Portable Jobsite Spray Booth [PJSB] features include:
Aluminum extrusion frame and support poles.
No-tools, one-person assembly in about 15 minutes. (not including breaks)
Disposable, 5-sided, clear plastic liners provide overspray protection to the ceiling, floor and three sides.
The 2mil plastic liner lets in ambient light and is easily/inexpensively replaced for new projects.
Quickly packs into a single carry/storage bag for easy transport (45 lbs).
Dimensions when assembled: 6’8” x 6’8″ x 6’8″
Patent Pending.

Available Accessories

Ventilation attachment
Air filter
Ducting and blower system

The Paintline Cost-saving Product Bundles

PJSB Pro Bundle – includes the PJSB, all ventilation components, and a 24 pack of disposable liners. MSRP: $1,022 [$169 savings vs individual products when purchased separately]

PJSB Blower Bundle – includes the PJSB, all ventilation components, including an Allegro 9504-50 Centrifugal High Output Blower, and a 24 pack of disposable liners. MSRP: $1,696 [A $261 savings vs individual products when purchased separately]

So if you are a professional painter, or a DIYer who wants to save their sanity, check out the Paintline Portable Jobsite Spray Booth. It is painter’s therapy, without a prescription.

About PaintLine

Since the 1990s, PaintLine has provided innovative, practical and economical drying rack, spray stand and other process-oriented product solutions for painters, cabinet makers, millwork shops, residential remodelers, renovators and DIYers. PaintLine is a Merchandising Systems Inc. brand, a leader in metal fabrication for material handling and retail store fixturing for over 50 years. PaintLine is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA.

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  1. or you could buy some PVC pipes and fittings to make a 6’8″ x 6’8″ x 6’8″ cube, buy Paint lines plastic liners and save at least $500.


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