Pewabic Ceramic Address and Custom Tiles- Replace the Cheesy Stuff

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I LOVE this company’s ceramic tiles! I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Pewabic Pottery, but it’s on my “to do” list for sure. (Scrubbing my baseboards just took a huge backseat.)

Located in Detroit, Michigan and in business since 1903, Pewabic Pottery is an American Art Pottery that makes handcrafted, ceramic tile in both modern and traditional designs.

Their facility – a gorgeous, Tudor-style cottage built in 1907 – is a registered, National Historic Landmark. Pewabic’s “Stratton Gallery” features a constantly rotating exhibit of work by Mary Stratton, a well-known, early 20th C. potter.

Their staff of potters custom mixes all their own glazes, which are available in 160 colors, (both Arts& Crafts era and Pewabic Pottery’s signature “iridescent” color series.) Tiles come in different shapes and sizes, can be custom designed in any style you can imagine and include custom borders and trim work as well.

Pewabic Pottery‘s staff of professional artisans have been commissioned to create everything from custom designed wall murals to custom tiled fountains, and offers one-on-one design collaboration with their in-house designers. Clients can request something as simple as custom, ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash, or go nuts with an artistic masterpiece, such as a one-of-a-kind, tile inlay for a patio. These guys and gals are used to collaborating with architects and interior decorators, as well as individuals. If you’re not local to Detroit, Michigan, that’s OK too. Pewabic Pottery’s pros will work long distance, and boast both national and international clients.

After a personal consultation, you can expect a CAD (computer-aided draft) of your project returned to you within 2-3 weeks. NOTE: These services aren’t free folks, so it helps to start with as much information as possible: square footage to be tiled, photos of the area, color swatches of surrounding decor, etc.

Once you sign off on the drawings, the project begins. Completion time and price will vary, depending on the tile collection chosen and complexity of your particular project. (I might gently suggest it also depends on whether you would be categorized as an “easy” or out-of-your-mind “difficult” personality type; just a little something to keep in mind. Collaborating on a vision is one thing. Assuming unlimited revisions with no financial or ummm…”emotional” consequence is another.)

Pewabic Pottery’s custom, ceramic tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior applications and commercial and residential clients are welcome. They’ll even send tile samples for a small shipping fee if you contact their design coordinator.

One of Pewabic Pottery’s offerings that I think is way, cool is the numbered, address tile:

Eye-catching, scrolled, numbered, address tiles set in a custom, decorative border… in the color glaze of your choice. They make a unique and personalized accent for the home. They’re also sooo much more attractive than the cheese-ball, stamped address tiles that shamefully hang on my house. These tiles, (along with all the others), are…let me repeat…safe for outdoor exposure. You DO NOT have to worry about deterioration or weather damage.

The custom, address tiles are perfect for those of you who actually WANT people to be able to find your house. (Unlike some of us, who opt for lame, barely visible, vinyl or plastic address numbers and deep down wish people would keep driving right on by.)

In addition to Pewabic Pottery’s custom designed tile services, their on-site store offers vases, dinnerware, serving pieces and a slew of individual, decorative tiles too. Commemorative and custom tiles for special events or occasions are also available for order: (ie. company logos, anniversaries, etc.) This site is definitely worth a browse! (C’mon…what else are you doing right now?) The address tiles run about $14 each, plus around $95-$140 for the very stylish tile frame.

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