Poly-Tex Cold Frame Greenhouse For Cautious Gardeners

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Sometimes it’s best to stay cautious. It seems that just when we think we’re out of the woods – bam! – that thing we thought was behind us pops out again. If anything, that’s the lesson horrible reality shows that prey on fallen celebrities have taught us. I never thought I’d hear about Kevin Federline again, only to have Celebrity Fit Club prove me wrong. Let us all hope and pray that Michael Bolton’s agent doesn’t have cable. (I hope I haven’t just jinxed us.)

Maintaining caution is something gardeners have long understood. Just when we think the coast is clear for spring and summer, a frost hits. That’s why products like the Poly-Tex Cold Frame Greenhouse exist.

The Poly-Tex Cold Frame Greenhouse allows gardeners to get started on their outdoor plants, flowers and vegetables outside without the risk of a late frost or bad weather (it’s also ideal for literal late bloomers who are growing outdoor plants late in the season). This small outdoor greenhouse features clear polycarbonate UV-protected SnapGlas™ roof panels that are held together by an easy-to-assemble frame which is held down by ground spikes. The sloping lid allows maximum sunlight and rain runoff while the hinged door allows for easy access & ventilation. Measuring 41” x 22” x 18”, the Poly-Tex Cold Frame Greenhouse is large enough to house several plants while being compact enough to fit in many backyard and garden spaces.

The Poly-Tex Cold Frame Greenhouse — 41in.L x 22in.W x 18in.H, Model# HG3300 is available at Northern Tool for $44.99.

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